How do you get rid of Trojan horse downloader VB DE?

It took me 2 day's to find a way to beat the VB.EC your DE must be a new version try looking at this

It helped me Good luck

Sorry the moderators replaced the link so lets try this,Try opening media player if you get a virus warning and it doesn't open it could be the same.The VB.EC version downloads pup.exe and makes a copy of this in media player so when you run the antivirus program it heals the virus, but on the next reboot or on opening media player it reinstalls pup.exe from the backup, you have to do a search for pup.exe delete this also delete it from the virus vault disable system restore to remove it from there, then go to my computer right click on C drive click explore go to program files then windows media player,open this and delete wmplayer as whis has been changed to hold the backup then click on setup and if you have a broadband connection it will connect to micrsoft's site and download and install a new copy automatically then go back reboot and then re-enable system restore Good Luck

I know bugger all about computers but this worked for me.

I had the Trojan vb virus and my I have the free avg which wouldn't get rid of it.

My virus came up in c drive system 32 and I think it said ec et. As I said I know bugger all about computers it said something like trajan vb/cdrive/system32/ecxet.I ran the free spybot search and destroy and the Trojan came up with a gold folder called directory.

I clicked onto the directory and all the contents in system 32 came up.

I deleted the ecet folder and then ran the free AVG. This time the Trojan vb came up as being in my recycle bin.

I deleted the ecet folder in the recycle bin and AVG now says my system is clean.

You obviously don't want to delete anything that your system relies on but this worked for me.

Cheers hopefully this may help someone.