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TO get rid of them rename your virus program then tell your virus program to get rid of the virus

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Q: How do you get rid of Trojan viruses?
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How do you get rid of 4 Trojan viruses on your Nintendo DSi?

The dsi can't catch trojan viruses; but even if it could, just delete the history.

What does the Trojan Horse Generic do?

Any kind of Trojan horse is very bad. Most Trojan viruses will take data from your computer, and send it to hackers. Eventually you can have a large problem if you do not get rid of it because people can inject viruses with it.

How do you get rid of Trojan Spooner C virus?

Click on the link to your right for a free scan of your PC for viruses and spyware.

How do you get rid of backdoor Trojan horse viruses if AVG cannot remove them?

You have the find the exact location and manually delete them.

How do you remove Trojan horse BackDoor Agent?

all viruses get locked into a box do to your firewall and antivirus settings... you can check the settings on there to get rid of it

Do Trojan horses carry viruses or worms?

Trojan horses can carry viruses. Trojan horses disguise themselves to e something they are not. Trojans can be spread via email.

How do I rid my PC of the Trojan.Download.?

Get rid of Trojan either download free avg, or spybot search and destroy programs and they can assist in getting rid of the Trojan.

Are computer viruses worms and Trojan horses and rootkits malware that act without the users knowledge?

computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and rootkits

What are the species of computer viruses?

The types of computer viruses are the virus, the worm and the Trojan horse.

Why are spyware viruses and Trojan powerful?

hey plz how are you

What are the current computer viruses?

storm and Trojan virus

Get rid of viruses?

yes they should get ride of viruses

What is the difference between the Trojan horse and a virus?

There is many kinds of viruses, and the Trojan Horse is one.

If you used BullGuard to check your PC for viruses and found a Trojan downloader virus how do you get rid of it?

Either fine out where it is in your computer and manulay remove it or get a real antivirus such as nod32 or kaspersky.

How do you get Trojan viruses?

Do you mean like the Trojan Horse computer virus? If so, then basically by accessing certain files from the internet. These can be accessed usually by downloading Limewire, or various patches, folders, etc. from other internet users. To stay safe from Trojan Horse viruses I suggest you download or purchase anti-virus software that automatically informs you of viruses such as the Trojan Horse and gives you the option to get rid of them. But, I strongly suggest sticking with trusted sites for downloading music. An example would be Hope I helped!-DS007

How do I get rid of virus Trojan Bris A?

How do you get rid of a computer Trojan?

Get an antivirus software.

Does stardoll have Trojan viruses?

Yes, it gave my old computer a Trojan virus and i had to get a new one.... BE CAREFUL

Can xboxes get Trojan viruses?

Not that I know of, but it can get Red Ring of Death.

How many Trojan Horse viruses are there?

There are more than 100,000

What are Trojan horse spyware and worms forms of?

They are forms of viruses.

How do you remove Trojan-KeyloggerWIN32Fung?

oh,I have this Trojan too,here is a guide to remove:

List the main types of computer viruses?

file viruses boot sector viruses time bomb macro viruses e-mail viruses trojan horses worms

Computer virus names?

Computer viruses do not have names like Trojan 78. There is Trojan, traps There is many more.

What is the difference between a Trojan horse worm and a virus?

There's many kinds of viruses. The Trojan Horse is one.