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How do you get rid of a bee hive underneath a chicken coop if the bees are dead?

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September 11, 2008 10:18PM

== == == == * Be sure the bees are dead! If so, then have a plastic bag ready and pull it out as best you can with a rake and put it in the plastic bag and put a twist tie on it. Do this in the evening just at dusk because live bees will be more dormant at this time. Also you could have a "smoker" handy just in case there are still a few live bees hanging around. I have been reading where bees are dying off at far too rapid a rate and scientists want to know why. It's not a good sign because bees help to pollinate flowers and bushes. Many people can confuse bumble bees with wasps or hornets and want to kill them off, but unless you actually stand on a bumble bee or lay your hand flat on them or try to destroy their hive they won't sting. I've had them on my arms and legs and just brushed them off. It appears our eco-system is up to something. Beekeepers are worried about the lack of bees and finding more dead bees in their hives than live ones. * Another method is petrol which will kill any live bees and stop the nest being used again.