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sliced cucumber is the cheapest way. just rest the cucumber on your eye and replace it with a new one every 15 minutes do this a couple times you should be good. unforunately nothing makes a black eye magically disappear in a couple hours!!! take care!! btw i don't know about cucumbers but potatoes yes you chop it up then put it on your eye and it may go away in a couple of hours this tradition was used by my great grand parents and it kepps going passed on


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The other day I fell and got a black eye, and I have blood on my eye, so I think the best way to get rid of it is by rinsing your eye with water.

coloured contact lenses ==''

A black eye will take one to two weeks to heal depending on the severity. An ice pack or warm compression can help to heal a black eye a little quicker.

The only thing that will get rid of a black eye, is the passage of time. Your body will heal itself in its own good time.

put a bag of ice in it. it should reduce swelling

To get rid of a black eye very quickly you want to put ice on it. It would also be ideal to make sure that you keep the blood flowing through it using heat now and again as well.

sleep more. take vitamin. always put something cold on it.

Foundation! Keep your skin moisturised, it'll help the healing process.

you can use cucumber juice, reduce the black circles and massage the eyes and get the eyes relaxed

To improve your vision and get rid of the eye glasses eat a lot of carrots.

Look in the mirror. If your eye is black, you have a black eye. Sheesh.

put hot compresses on it it can be gone 5 days if you doit often enough

How do I get rid of black mold on my trees

You get a black eye if someone punches you in the eye then it will soon turn black If you are being an idiot, and you tick someone off, they WILL punch you in the face and if they hit you in the eye... You now have a black eye!!! ((::

It is possible but most of the time you will not get a black eye.

The black coloring in your eye is the pupil.

the colour of the black part of ur eye is......BLACK lol, well if you meant to put what PART of the eye is black, that would be your pupil

The black layer in your eye is called the Choroid.

First, put ice on it to keep the swelling down, and then after the swelling has gone down, let it go away on it's own.

No. A black eye is a bruise & is caused by blunt trauma to the eye.

"Shiner" is a another word for black eye, like "You have quite a shiner there!" instead of "You have quite a black eye there!"

The black part of your eye is known as the pupil.

The black part of your eye is called the pupil.

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