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Apart from a total renovation, simply follow the schedule of activities posted at your local home and garden supplier. There are specific requirements for your location or zone. If you follow these steps dutifully you will restore your lawn, however, this will take time, patience and expense. If you are serious, you must be willing to make the effort to do it right, which means you must not skimp on required steps. I wish you good luck but you're better served by hard work.

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Lawn Weed Control ?

form_title= Lawn Weed Control form_header= Keep unwanted weeds out of your lawn with help from the experts. How long have you been experiencing weed problems?*= _ [50] What type of weeds do you have on your lawn?*= _ [50] Are you willing to use chemicals to get rid of the weeds ?*= () Yes () No

What are the results of putting sugar on the lawn?

It gets rid of weeds and dandelions. I have only used it once and it works.

What is the name of a weed with purple flowers and red leaves?

The name of the weeds with purple flowers and red leaves are called violets. Violets are common lawn weeds that can be gotten rid of easily.

How can a lawn or backyard be cleared of weeds without using chemicals?

The best way to get rid of weeds without using chemicals would be to dig them up. It is important to ensure the whole weed is removed as leaving the root will result in it regrowing.

How can i get rid of weeds/pests?

You can get rid of weeds or pests. You can do this by using a chemical spray. You can elminate weeds also by pulling out the plants. There are insect control sprayers as well.

Is there a cheat to get rid of weeds on Animal Crossing?

Well weeds on Animal Crossing are anoying for everyone. But, there is no cheat to get rid of them...yet.

how do i get rid of mushrooms in my lawn?

water it daily so that you can easily get rid of the mushrooms in your lawn

How can you get rid of all your weeds on animal crossing wild world?

if you have action replay you can use the cheat that gets rid of all of the weeds in your town when you press L and R to get rid of them. if you don't have action replay, you have to pick the weeds yourself. it helps to have friends come to your town to help you pick the weeds.

How do you get rid of lawn beetles?

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In viva pinata trouble in paradise how do you get rid of weeds?

Hire a weedling or hit the weeds

How do you get rid of the weeds on Steamworks Island?

Use the Weed Whacker on the weeds by pressing Spacebar.

How do you get rid of weeds in animal crossing wild world?

To get rid of weeds, walk in front of it and Press B or use a shovel to dig it out. To prevent weeds from growing, visit your town regularly (every day).

Who can you hire to get rid of weeds on animal crossing wild worl?

Actually you can't hire anyone to get rid of the weeds. You'll need to pull them out yourself I think.

When you wish for no weeds on animal crossing from the genie is it perminit?

No, it just gets rid of all the weeds that you have in your town.

Do Weeds have roots?

Yes weeds have roots, if you need to get rid of a weed target the root or it will grow back.

What can cure scurvy?

A large amount of fresh fruits helps to get rid of the disease.

How do you get rid of night-crawlers in your lawn?

why would you want to get rid of night crawlers? they aerate your lawn and keep your grass green and healthy. theyre an essential part of the lawn ecosystem.

What the function of the rake?

A rake is used to get rid of leaves and grass clippings on the lawn. It helps remove weeds that have been dug from the soil. Rakes are also used to loosen soil for planting small seeds.

Why do gardeners get rid of weed in their garden or farm?

They get rid of weeds cause weeds take over the plants space were they can't grow at all. You should never leave the weeds with plants cause the plants will never grow and will die.

Why do farmers get rid of weeds?

because weeds compete with their plants taking their water, sometimes causing their crops to die

How do you get rid of mushrooms that grow in your lawn?

Eat them.

How do you get rid of reeds on lawn?

Improve the drainage.

How can you get rid of creepy charlie in your lawn?


How can farmers get rid of weeds?

it's called round up.

How do you get rid of poison oak weeds?

Use a weed killer.