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How do you get rid of a large pimple that is too close to your eye to squeeze or treat with acne medication?


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See a doctor. Don't mess with stuff that's close to your eye.

I first noticed what looked like a firm whitehead in my eyelash line, about 6 mos ago. Doc originally thought it was a sty. Recently had him look at it again, and he sent me to an opthamologist. Eye doc said, Plugged Sybacious Gland, ie...Pimple, but because of the location, you can't squeeze. He poked it w/a sterile, very thin needle, then squeezed. I sat there thinking, "Why didn't I do that?" LOL...Seriously though, you do want to be careful around the eyes.

Do not poke or drain things yourself!! Just wait it out and see a doc if it doesn't shift


You should never pop any pimple because it will leave a dark mark on your face. This dark mark can make your face ugly. Pimples or acne always should be treated with a good solution particularly designed for them. Panoxyl gel is one of the best solution for acne and pimple problem. This gel provides a quick relief from pimple or acne and makes that particular place more clear and clean.