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You dont specifically. Losing fat comes from where ever it was last put on. If fat was gained on your stomach, then hips, then thighs. It will come off in reverse; first your thighs, then hips, then stomach. Fat is lost from where ever your body pulls it from.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-14 07:33:11
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Q: How do you get rid of a layer of fat on the lower rib cage?
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What is the pain in your left lower rib cage?


What organ is behind the lower right rib cage?

The liver

What body regions are located on the left and right sides and are covered by the lower ribs?

The lungs are in the lower part of the rib cage. The spleen is also near the bottom of the rib cage.

What if your ribcage is shape like a wave plus your lower ribs protrude What is up its been like that ever since you had pneumonia when you were little did your rib cage collapse?

The rib cage is flat and its shape like a cage that is the shape of rib cage

What are lungs protected by?

Your immune system and your rib cage, plus a layer of muscle

Torn muscle on side of rib cage?

sharp intense pain on left side of lower rib

What organ is located behind the lower right of the rib cage?


Pain under left lower rib cage?

Go to a hospital!

What is the pain in right side lower rib cage?

appendix or kidney?

Possible causes for a hard elongated lump on the lower back rib cage?

The possible cause for a hard elongated lump on the lower back rib cage is infection. It can also be caused by shingles.

What organs are located under the left rib cage?

Type your answer only have one rib cage tardo

What protects your rib cage?

Your arms protect your rib cage and the rib cage protects the lungs and heart.

Is it possible to get rib cage reconstruction if your rib cage is mishapen?

it is not possible to cunstruct a rib cage again.

What human body organ is behind the right lower rib cage?

The liver.

What organ is located under the left lower rib cage?


What is a Rib Cage Plait?

References to:1. Lacing of the rib cage: rib cage kinesiology, Plaiting/lacing

How can you break your rib cage?

You can break your rib cage a number of ways but overall from a blunt blow to the rib cage

Is the rib cage superficial to the lungs?

The rib cage is superficial to the lungs. The rib cage encloses the lungs for protection.

Do whales have rib cage?

Yes, whales do have rib cage.

Does a snake have a rib cage?

yes...snakes does have rib cage......

Does a chicken have a rib cage?

Yes, nearly every animal has a rib cage except fish maybe has a rib cage.

What bones protect your lungs?

The rib cage or Sternum rib cage.

How does a rib cage work?

your rib cage is used to protect your lungs

Is your stomach located under the rib cage?

It is located just under the lower ribs.

Is bacon made of pig fat?

no bacon is made from the pigs rib cage and the pigs shoulder.