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First, close Outlook, and then open up the Task Manager, by right-clicking on the Windows Taskbar and choosing Task Manager. Next, check the processes list, and verify that Outlook (outlook.exe) is not running or listed in the processes list. These initial steps are to help us determine if the problem is with the Outlook application not closing properly, or some other component in the system.

If Outlook is completely closed, and the remnants of a search window are still there, try right-clicking on the desktop and choosing the refresh option to see if that tidies things up. However, that's only a work around. I think the solution in the end will involve updating your video card driver. The video card is the component that is responsible for properly refreshing screen elements. If the card is overheating, or in the process of failing you can get some flaky performance. However, something like you've described here could be fixed just by updating the video card's driver. Good luck!

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Is there a program like locate32 which supports windows office outlook and pdf?

Free? No there isn't. Paid? Yes: Copernic Desktop Search.

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The copernic desktop is a desktop that allow you to search and find anything you want by using a remote. This desktop was created and hit the market in 2009.

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Delete it

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Desktop-Search Internet-Find My Computer-Search

How do you change your background on windows 7?

you search on the web and find a picture that you like, then you right click on it and press "use as desktop image" and it will appear on your desktop!! :)You search on the web and find a picture that you like, then you right click on it and press "use as desktop image".

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Search for the control panel on your desktop.

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The Google Desktop search product has been in existence since October 14, 2004. On September 14, 2011 Google officially retired the search product. March 6, 2007 was the date the beta was released for Google Desktop 5.

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You can search it on google and i found it. so try it

How do you connect Hot-mail email onto outlook?

They just changed that feature about 4 months ago. If you don't already have it connected to Outlook, it won't allow you to do it now unless you get a premium account ($20 per year - big rip off!). If you have a premium account, there are detailed instructions on their help menu in your hotmail account if you type the key word 'outlook' Do a Google search for 'Free-Pops',freeware download,install it/follow setup instructions for your outlook client. You may need to create a link to your startup folder or desktop[manual start].

How you get windows live messenger on your computer desktop?

just do a search on live messenger then look through the folders and just copy and paste on the desktop

How do you get your desktop back after you erased it?

Go to the recycling bin. And find "desktop" click it and hit "restore". And it then hit the start button. In the search bar type in "desktop". If that does not work I am sorry. But I am sure it will work.

How do you find Microsoft Outlook?

if you have Microsoft then you go to the start button, search "Microsoft outlook" and it should come up or you can go onto all programs, Microsoft, and you should see a bunch of Microsoft programmes, one of them being outlook.

Which is the desktop search feature in Mac OS X Snow Leopard?


What does the program Windows Desktop Search do?

The program Windows Desktop Search, as it was known on Windows XP, was a default program on all Windows XP computers that searched your computer for files with a given keyword. The program is now called Windows Search but still does the same basic function.

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There are many applications attached to the google desktop. The most standard of those include, a calculator application, a search application, a calender application and a dictionary application. There are many other applications that you can download and use for this desktop. Many other search engines such a yahoo or bing have similar application desktops.

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Go to search for files and folders and type skype. After it opens, just drag the skype file onto your desktop

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