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Cover it with Duct Tape and keep it covered for a few days, replacing the tape when needed.... however that did not work for my daughter. I've also heard of taping a potato skin (white side to wart) for awhile... though I've never tried it. Liquid Nitrogen is expensive at the Dr.s office if you don't have insurance. This can be done at home, but there are safety precautions that MUST be adhered to, and you have to buy the liquid nitrogen. Even that did not cure my daughters wart, but after liquid nitrogen.... salicylic acid (applied daily and bought at the pharmacy) did end up working after a few weeks. It was almost as if the nitrogen weakened the wart and made it susceptible to the acid. Hope this helps.

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What is a sentence for wart?

She has a wart on her arm.He couldn't stop looking at her wart.

How can you get rid of a wart by your fingernail?

you can get rid of a wart by wraping duct tape aroun d it and leaving it their for a week.

How do you get rid of a wart on your hand?

you freeze it

How do you get rid of a wart virus on my hand?

Go to the drugstore and get an wart removal cream or go to the doctor

Is it safe to put bleach on a plantar wart?

Yes, it is. Also a very effective way to rid the wart.

Can I get rid of a wart myself?

There are many home remedies available for wart removal such as Dr. Shoals. However, it is strongly recommended to have your mole examined by a licensed health care practitioner as moles can be a sign of cancer.

Can you get rid of a wart on the penis if its in the early stages of it without consulting a doctor?

A wart is probably a wart. The acid remover will work and the new freeze products should. I'm not sure if genital warts require medication also or not. It may be possible to spread them even if you get rid of the visible wart.

If I have a wart on my finger if I want to get rid of it can I just cut my finger off.?

I would not suggest cutting off your finger. There are many home remedies and over the counter wart removal products you can try as well as visiting your doctor who may be able to cut, freeze, laser or burn it off.

Is it ok to put White-out on a wart Will it get rid of the wart?

No! Never put any un-prescriptive things on the wart. This only makes the wart worse. SEVERAL WAYS YOU CAN GET RID OF A WART: Peeing on them, freezing them, beetle-juice, or even getting them cut off. After-wards put duct-tape on the wart, it helps it die alone. Ask your doctor for help to get the wart off. DO NOT CUT THE WART YOURSELF!! This would cause a tumor in the foot or arm.

What would happen if you burnt a hand wart with a match?

It would hurt, you'd probably get a blister, but you are unlikely to get rid of the wart.

Is there a home remedy to get rid of a wart on the arm?

Burn it off then throw it in a witches brew feed the brew to the one you love get sued for poisoning

What can you use to get rid of a wart?

Get it frozen or OTC freeze away. To get rid of Warts, use garlic. Yes garlic, chop up a garlic piece in small pieces. Then put the garlic pieces on your wart with a bandage. Do it twice aday for about 2 weeks. In alot of cases the wart does not return.

How do you get rid of a wart with stuff you can find around the house?

I am not sure what you have around your house, but you may have petroleum jelly, which is often successful in getting rid of warts; smother the wart in petroleum jelly and leave it for a few days.

What is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of a common wart?

go to a pharmacy and ask or a common wart will take 1 year to go away ( from experiance )

How is a wart formed?

Warts are actually consisting of viral infection which is why they are hard to get rid of.

How long can a wart last for?

Depends on where and type. Warts are fungal infections so the life span varies. The easiest way to get rid of a wart is To go to the dermatologist and get it froze off, they can also surgically remove the wart

How do you get rid of a wart and ringworm in armpit?

See a doctor. You'll almost certainly need to see one for the ringworm anyway, and they can have a look at the wart at the same time.

How do you get rid of a anal wart?

The warts will need to be removed by a doctor; laser, freezing, or cautery.

Could you get rid of a wart by suffocating it?

yes put a lot of presure on it and it will go away

Is a wart a living thing?

Yes. A wart is a living thing Here is a tip for getting rid of it.... Put Duck tape around it because it breathes oxygen. No problem

What is the best at home wart remover and why?

The best at home wart remover is tea tree oil. This kills the virus that creates warts and dries them up as well.

How do you get rid of wart without wart remover?

If you have duct tape wrap a strip of it around the wart to suffocate it then you can sand it down with a nail filer, if it starts to hurt stop and put the duct tape back on. (repeat daily or it wont work).

How do you get rid of worts?

You can put duct tape on it. It sounds crazy,but duct tape suffucates the wart.

How do you get rid of a wart on your elbow without vinegar?

One way to get rid of a wart on your elbow is to use an over-the-counter wart remover from the drug store. Also, you could cover it with a piece of duct tape for six days. After you remove the duct tape, soak your elbow in clean water for about five minutes. Dry your elbow and then file the wart off using a throw-away emery board. Another idea is to rub castor oil on the wart every day until it falls off.

How long does the plantar wart virus live?

The Plantar Wart Virus can live up to 20 months making it hard to completely get rid of. Plantar warts are usually found on the feet.

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