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How do you get rid of auto insurance points?

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August 30, 2011 11:24AM

You have 2 available options. 1. You can have 2pts deducted for every year of good driving. This means no "at fault" accidents or moving violations. or 2. You can take a Defensive Driving class oftenly offered by AAA. It will deduct 2pts. I recommend you take this course because it will also lower your insurance possibly upto 10%. Keep in mind insurance points do stay in your record and will cause you to pay a higher premium.

Taking a defensive driver's credit and maintaining a clean driving record help you drop insurance points. Other ways of bringing down insurance premiums are installing air bags and anti-theft devices, excelling academically if you are a young driver in school or college, and buying safer cars. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for all of the above.