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How do you get rid of bags underneath the eyes?

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There are many bogus products out there. Surgery is the only working method.

you do not have to get surgery just try going to bed a bit earlier try some products and then if none of that stuff works cover it with make up

It sounds pretty lame but cucumbers actually work.

2010-03-09 22:11:47
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How do you get rid of bags under my eyes?

'''if you want to get rid of bags from your eyes then sleep earl^^)'''

How do you get rid of dark bags underneath your eyes without make-up?

The reason that you get dark bags is lack of sleep. If you start getting more sleep they should go away.

How can bags under your eyes go?

There are many remedies to getting rid of bags. The whole reason people put cucumber on their eyes is to get rid of bags. putting moisturiser is best.

How do you get rid of bags from your eyes?

get some sleep

How can you get rid of bags under eyes?

You can use a conseller or put lemons on your eye's to get rid of the black bags under your eyes,CAUTION: watch the lemon juice dont sting your eyes!

How do you get rid of morning bags under your eyes?

Hi, To get rid of these bags under your eyes try using: Tea bags (warmed) or Cucumber (thin layers sliced) I hope this helps, cause I use this method and it works for me

How do you get rid of planters warts?

remove bags under eyes

What do cucumbers do when you put them on your eyes?

It helps your eyes, it gets rid or black circles and bags under your eyes.

Does tea bags get rid of under eyes bags?

Well, if you place the tea bags over your eye bags, it hides them pretty well.

Do potatoes help get rid of bags under your eyes?

From what I've heard yes they do.

How to get rid of bags?

Well it depends, if it's something like grocery bags then you'd put them in the trash. If it's bags from under your eyes all you have to do is simply sleep.

I have dark bags under my eyes. How do I get rid of them?

You cant get rid of dark circles, they are hareditory. You can only use concealer to discuise them.

How do you get rid of bags under eyes besides getting a better sleep?

You can always use concealer but if you want a healthier altenative, Jack Black has a great gel that you put under your eyes to get rid of shadows/ bags under your eyes. Plus, it doesnt have any unhealthy ingredients. Good Luck:)

How do you get rid of under eye bags?

Easy n best way to get rid of eye bags: put used tea bags in freezer for about half an hour then put those on ur eyes for 10-15min. Carry this treatment till u get rid off. Its really affective

How do you get rid of bags that your glasses leave underneath your eyes and on the sides of your nose?

You can use an under- eye concealer if you have it with you, but another good trick is to pinch the area and massage it. I know it sounds weird, but it works. Just be gentle and you should be fine.

What sort of makeup can you use to get rid off my bags underneath my eyes?

A product that could probably help would be GARNIER NUTRITIONISTE ANTI PUFF EYE ROLLER it's a product you apply before you put under your eyes (the puffs) and it can decongest puffiness and diminish dark circles.

How do you get rid of undereye circles?

Cheapest ways? Tea bags.(not hot) Cucumbers. - put those on your eyes

What is the best way to get rid of bags under eyes?

rest, cucumbers, hot bath , water and then creams

How can you get rid of bags underneath your eyes?

One of the easiest ways is to get more sleep. If that does not work for you I suggest going to Sephora or another makeup store and seeing what they have for products. Keep in mind not all of them work, and the more expensive it is doesn't equal better.

How can you get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes without surgery or makeup?

you could try soaking tea bags on your eyes for 12-15 minutes and of course the main reason to bags is lack of rest so try catch up on some sleep :)

Does makeup cause bags underneath eyes?

No, it can't but it can sometimes cause premature wrinkles if you apply pencil eyeliner in a certain way.

Who to get rid of dark puffy bags under eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are usually caused from sleep deprivation so a few consecutive nights of good night sleeps should get rid of them or you may start to see an improvement. Another method is to leave two teaspoons in the fridge overnight and in the morning put the backs of the teaspoons under your eyes. This should get rid of the crease that defines the bags.

Get rid of bags under your eyes?

get more sleep, drink some coffee, or drink five hour energy drink.

What causes bags underneath your eyes?

sometime a lack of sleep-- when you are tired and don't sleep good thats right, lack of sleep causes them and the darker and bigger they are means you stayed up for a real long time lol, there are types of fluids to get rid of them But mainly just dehydration, hydrate more often, and the bags will lighten, or disappear altogether.

How can you get rid of eye wrinkles and bags?

To avoid getting wrinkles you can avoid tanning and to get rid of under eye bags you can take ice and put it in a washcloth then dip it in a small amount of milk...(believe it or not, this works) then rub it under your eyes and you will feel very refreshed and POOF! bags are gone!:) hope this helped.