How do you get rid of bedbugs?

Exterminating bed bugs without the help of a professional is highly discouraged. Self-treatment tends to make infestations worse, and eventual extermination ends up more expensive. The following are all suggestions that can help to control infestations until they can be treated by a pest control professional.

  1. Vacuum - Vacuuming can help to eliminate some bugs, as well as some eggs. Be sure to vacuum everywhere, in the corners, under furniture, on furniture, etc. Immediately after vacuuming an area that is infested, or is thought to be infested, empty the vacuum, and/or remove the bag. Ensure that anything that was vacuumed up is put into s SEALED bag, and disposed of properly.
  2. Wash - Wash anything and everything that you can, clothing, curtains, bedding, towels, etc. Use hot water and the highest heat setting on the dryer. This process will also help you to begin to prepare for treatment.
  3. Cover - The use of mattress and box spring encasements is known to assist in the proper extermination of bed bug infestations. These encasements limit the hiding places on beds, and will help treatment to be more effective. There are also similar encasements available for couches.
  4. Install - Use passive monitors, such as BDS (bed bug detection systems) or ClimbUp Interceptors. These devices can both trap and kill bed bugs trying to get on to or off of furniture.
  5. Steam Clean - Steam cleaning of furniture, curtains, etc., can be helpful in controlling infestations, as it is likely to kill any bugs in the immediate area being steamed, though it will not eliminate them altogether. Please note that the steam cleaning performed by A3 Superior Pest Control involves the use of chemicals, enabling it to effectively kill bed bugs.

The above ideas are meant to help in both the preparation and control of bed bug infestations. None of the methods will completely eradicate an infestation. Proper extermination of bed bugs requires the assistance of a pest control professional, as bed bugs are very resilient, and are difficult to exterminate.

Speaking on behalf of my bed bug experience, I have to say it's a pain to get rid of bed bugs. I've had bed bug infestation before on my mattress. Bed bugs do bite and they will leave a flat large red mark on your skin. Bed bugs are nocturnal so they will come out at night when you are sleeping and during the day they will hide in cracks and crevices of your room or in your mattress. They can come into your home by cracks and crevices from apartments or from the outside, they can be brought in by your luggage if you went on a vacation. You will need to treat bed bugs multiple of times because they all wont be killed at once, believe me, I know.

You can look for bed bugs in the crevices of your mattress and on the lining underneath your mattress. They will also be in your sheets, pillow cases, and fabrics. Bed bugs can also be found in your box springs and on the joining parts of your bed frame and head board but they can also be in a variety of other places in or near your bedroom, such as in the walls or under the floorboards.

I treated for bed bugs 3-4 times in 2 weeks. I repeated the process again. I used this spray called Steri-Fab and sprayed it on my mattress and on box springs. I vacuumed my mattress and box spring after I allowed it to dry. I also used dust, which is a pesticide dust into the cracks and crevices of my home which will prevent them from coming into my home. Do not use dust where children play.

After I treated my mattress and box springs, I used Allerzip Protect-A-Bed mattress encasement, Protect-A-Bed box spring cover and Protect-A-Bed pillow case to prevent future bed bug infestation. These encasement, box cover, and pillow case prevents moisture from building up and traps the bed bugs causing them to die from lack of food and hiding place.

Exterminating bed bugs without the help of a professional is highly discouraged. Self-treatment tends to make infestations worse, and eventual extermination ends up more expensive. If you think you have a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control professional to set up an inspection or extermination. The following are all suggestions that can help to control infestations until they can be treated by a pest control professional.

  • Call in the professionals. At the first sign of bed bugs, you should clean everything in the immediate area and call in people to spray things down. Try to find where they are coming from before you call people in, and try putting double sided tape around parts of your room to try and see where the are coming in from. Once you have called in professional people, follow their instructions exactly.
  • One doctor told me to change the bed twice a week, and wash the sheets in hot water; also wash my pajamas the same way. Make sure that you dry the clothes and sheets in the dryer and not on a clothes line.
  • Treating or discarding any paper products, and loose sheets of paper may help, as bed bugs don't only like fabric.
  • I got rid of mine with a high powered steam cleaner. These can be bought for around $50. You first need to find out where they are coming from. I started by going through all the cracks and spraying hot steam into them for 2-3 seconds. I had to do that every week for about 2 months, and I have not seen any again.
  • I got rid of my problem using Pronto. It is specially made for bedbugs and dust mites. This product is about $8 per can.
  • You need to wash every cloth item in the house from bedding and PJ's to curtains, and everyday clothing. Thick items like a pillow or comforter might take much longer than an hour to safely kill bed bugs in the dryer. And it is the long time in the dryer, not the washing machine, that will really ensure they are dead. Nevertheless once clothing and linens are brought home, they must be kept in sealed, airtight bags (for example, XL Ziploc or carefully sealed space bags). Dry cleaning is alright for delicate which cannot be washed and dried for an hour on Hot, but you must tell the dry cleaner the item is infested with bed bugs (otherwise they can reinvest you and others). And when you bring dry cleaning home, it also must be sealed as the other items are (dry cleaning bags are not airtight and thus not sufficient.)
  • One of the products I found that was very useful is Steri-Fab, which you spray almost everywhere: your mattress, clothes and even carpets. Also using natural products (such as Rest Easy) is a good idea too, taking these types of product when your traveling so that you don't bring them back with you. Getting box spring and mattress encasements is a good idea: it not only helps eliminate them, but helps prevent them. If you try to cover your mattress and box spring with plastic, the bed bugs will just chew right through it. Spraying the mattress and putting dust into the holes in the sides of the mattress before covering the infested mattress is a good idea.
  • Bedbugs can be exterminated by using an all natural product called Diatomaceous Earth. This is spread around the area where the bedbugs are located.
  • Once you know you have got bedbugs in your home getting rid of them is not easy. but bedbugs are visible to the naked eye being about 5 millimeters long and colored reddish brown flat looking insects and they do not like daylight, so you need to go round looking for them and try to find their nesting places in your home. You can call in professional assistance for best results, but if you need to do it yourself, firstly you need to thoroughly vacuum your mattress and try to pick up as many bedbugs as you can. Then you need to put a cover on the mattress and zip it tight shut. Do the same to all mattresses on other beds in the home. This will trap any bedbugs inside and they will no longer be able to get out and feed off the blood of people sleeping in the bed. But once zipped in it may take as long as a year for any bedbugs to die from lack of food so leave the cover on forever more.
  • But that will not get the bedbugs elsewhere. You need to thoroughly vacuum everywhere and try to find places where they are hiding during the daytime. After vacuuming the way to exterminate remaining live bedbugs and destroy bedbug eggs that have not yet hatched is with heat and you need to buy or obtain a heat fan that directs a temperature of at least 212 degrees Fahrenheit everywhere they may be nesting during the day to kill them. You may need to repeat this on future days until you eventually destroy them all. But always be aware if you fail to find just one or two they will continue breeding. You will only be totally rid of them when you have destroyed every single one of them in your home.
  • Bedbugs can be exterminated by using an all natural product called Diatomaceous Earth. This must be spread around the area where the bedbugs are located.
  • Steamers work very well as a contact killer for bed bugs. Be sure when using steam to move at one inch per second.

There are a few home remedies that can be used to cure bed bugs. You can try steam cleaning everything in the house.