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Getting rid of bees How to get rid of bee's? (and avoid harsh poisons). The hive was under the house. Bee's were entering through a small vent between bricks just above the ground level. I blocked up all other vents with plastic inserts sold for this purpose in a hardware store.

The main vent was now my target.

I got an ordinary plastic fluid funnel and cut off the spout about one inch in from the end - to make the hole slightly larger so that a bee could get through. '''Just one bee at a time.'''

The funnel was then (this was at night when the bees were sleeping) fixed over the hole in the bricks and held in place with a complete packet of '''blu tak''' poster putty, placed around the rim of the funnel.

So now the bee's had a smaller and single entry to their nest.

In the afternoon's a '''traffic jam''' of bee's would build up. I'd spray them with fly spray and make a fast getaway.

Unfortunate I know. (I'd called various bee keepers but none could or would help). Later I made a transparent flap -held in place with bluu tak, to make a sort of one-way exit and difficult entry point.

It took a week of effort but eventually worked. When I removed the funnel it was choked-up with dead bee's inside.

Also at night I squirted fly spray and cochroach spray into the slot on several nights. What additional effect this had was hard to know.

I considered using a '''bug zapper''' as described above but these are a bit difficult to find. Anyway the above worked.

Here are more tips from FAQ Farmers:

  • If you know where the nest is and there are hundreds of bees, you can try something that worked for us. We put a bug zapper right in front of the "main entrance" of their nest while they were sleeping at night. We then turned it on during the day. As they flew in and out they died by the hundreds. After a few days I think they either moved to a safer location or we had killed them all.
  • We had them in our ceiling and the noise they were making drove us crazy. My husband tapped on the ceiling with his knuckle and in one spot it put a hole in the ceiling. We saw the bees and put tape over it. I then got brave and put rubbing alcohol in a glass and slid the cup over the hole the started swarming down the cup and died. Got about 50. Then my husband sprayed the nest in the hole with Raid wasp &hornet killer. Next step is to get the nest out and hope there isn't more bees when we remove tape again.
  • Been advised to put out a plate with sliced apples covered with honey. Theory: Bees will stick to honey - immobilized. Practice:did NOT work although the bees seem to have enjoyed their little buffet.
  • Suggestion #2Bees hate mint. Spray their 'doorways' with Dr. Banner's mint soap (liquid) Don't know - haven't tried it yet. Hope it works as i do not want to kill, just relocate them
  • Use a wet dri vac,Put at entrance turn it on and sucks them up fast and to make sure they are dead spray some bee killer in the hose to while its running.Kills them fast and easy to dispose of to.
  • Please call a local bee keeper. Honeybees are essential for a lot of farm pollination. Because of the importation of the Varroa mite most feral bee hives are gone (in the wild). Spraying the bees with raid or another pesticide is just plain dumb. What IF you do kill them with spray? Now you have a wall full of decoposing bees and wax and honey the is soaked in poison.
  • Some bee keepers (like me) will remove the bee for around $200. Call the Ag. extension office for a referal to a local bee keeper. They carry a list of local guys and girls willing to do the job.
  • I am in a catch 22 situation. I have honey bees nesting in the wall of my house. No local bee keepers will tackle the problem. The pest control people tell me they'll deal with the bees, but I have to cut the hole into the house myself. I have no experience of dealing with angry bees, no protective clothing etc.. What do I do next?
Do Not Just Kill or Remove ThemFirst, do not poison honey bees. If you do you will have a hard time finding help. The bees can not simply be killed or removed. You need to remove all of the comb.

Bees work hard to keep the comb and honey cool. If you kill the bees, the combs will melt leaving you with honey running down your walls. First thing to do is find a local bee keeper. He/She may have to cut into the wall to get access to the bees. It is a messy job, and can cost some money, so be prepared. Here are a few ways to find a local bee keeper.

Alot of bee keepers will leave their name with the local police, fire department, and exterminators.Most states have bee keeping clubs. You should be able to locate a nearby club online .Leave a posting on click on the exchange button. It is a very friendly group of people.If you by chance are in the Minneapolis area, I would be happy to do it for you. you can leave me a message at bee source. My name on that site is Joshua2639

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Q: How do you get rid of bees that have a hive inside a wall?
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How do you get rid of bees ON the wall in your basement?

There is probably a hive nearby. Your best bet is to hire an exterminator. Most bees are africanized, and can be vicious when disturbed, and you have limited protection in a basement.

How do ew get rid of Bees inside cinder blocks wall of garage?

To get rid of bees inside cinder blocks inside a garage it is best to use pesticide. Use a spray which kills the bees as well as the nest, or block the area off.

How do you get rid of a hive of bees in an unused chimney?

Simple ''USE'' the chimney. :)

What is an earth friendly way to get rid of bees?

A beekeeper will try to remove a wild hive (from a tree, or a hole in the ground) by moving the brood (the bee eggs and larvae) and the queen bee into a portable box hive. Foraging bees will return to the box if it is left beside the old hive, and so long as the queen was moved into the new hive. After nightfall, when all the bees have returned, the hive can be sealed up and taken away. Of course, the position of the wild hive will determine the difficulty of the whole operation. I had a swarm set up their home inside the double brick wall of my house. A beekeeper set up a new hive outside with a new queen, and an inverted funnel on my wall. The funnel allowed the bees to come out of the wall, but they were unable to find their way back in, so they went into the new hive and adopted the new queen. Eventually (some weeks), all the bees emerged from my wall and into the new hive. The old queen probably did not survive, as there were no bees returning with nectar to make new honey.

How can you get rid of bees around your shed if you don't want to hire someone?

i heard a thing about vinegar in a bowl that my help Answer for bee hive You need to locate the bee hive and destroy it at night when the bees will all be in the hive. I would call a professional if it is a large hive.

How do you get rid of bees in the wall of your house?

You need to hire a professional Bee Removal Company. I actually had this problem. A man came to my home. Suited up in protective gear. He first had to break through the wall. Then after killing the swarming "Live" Bees he then had to Remove The Hive. Which, by the way, was massive. There is always a hive. Once I got over the shock of the SIZE of this hive...the rest of this was really not a big deal to handle. Good Luck!

How do you get rid of bees with a honeycomb in a big tree root?

Many people will come and take the bees for nothing. A bee hive is valuable.

What are the best ways to get rid of bees?

Spray Raid into the nest and make sure to cover your hands to prevent the bees from defending their hive.

How do bees get rid of waste?

They excrete it from the rear end of the abdomen. Honey bees do not defecate in the hive if they can possibly avoid doing so, they will take 'clearing' flights in the general area of the hive.

Will moth balls get rid of a bee hive?

Yes moth balls are a proven way of deterring bees. Hang a few moth balls in a nylon stocking near the bee hive in order to get rid of them.

How do i get rid of the bees on virtual villages 3?

You light a fire, and put a person on the torches below the bees hive, then they will smoke it out, and you will be able to harvest the honey :D

How do you rid house exteriors of beehives?

Use smoke to make the bees sleepy, then go inside the hive, and find the queen bee. Move her to a location away from your home, but near enough the other bees can find her They will scent her, once they come out of the smoke induced grogginess and rebuild her a hive where she is. If you wish to commit suicide that is one of the best ways. Phone a local beekeeper he will be glad of the bees.

How do you rid a resting swarm of bees hanging on a screen?

Its best to get someone to come out and deal with it...they will probably spray it with smoke to subdue the bees, then freeze the hive with liquid nitrogen.

How do bees defecate?

Yes, bees do defecate. They eat, so they have to get rid of waste. The don't urinate, though. Their nitrogenous waste is passed into the rectum and mixed with the faeces. They won't defecate in the hive: they always do it in flight away from the hive. Even when confined to the hive for weeks at a time in winter they will 'cork it' until they can get out.

What means do you use to get rid of honeybees inside the wall of a house?

The first thing I would do is to see if I had a bee keeper living in the area and ask him for suggestions or if he would help you, check with your town hardware store, "not Lowes or Home Depot" or a nursery that sells flowers or trees, I do not know if you are in a warm or cold climate. Without removing the queen bee it will be a slow process, 1st you could block the hole at night fall or when the bees become less active. 2nd you could spray a wasp or hornet killer on or around the hole, honey bees do not fly at night, start with 2 cans of hornet spray,I do not like to kill honey bees they are our friends,try to make sure there is only one way into the wall check the attic for holes. 3nd you could cut the wall out to gain access the hive, however that could create another problem, once the hive is exposed that's why it would be nice too have a beekeepers knowledge with you when you cut the wall out to remove the hive you should have a bees smoker to slow the bees down so the bee keeper can remove the hive.

How can you get rid of bees' nests?

the best way is a exterminator We had a hive in a 4 foot hedge. At night we poured 48 ounces of rubbing alcohol on top of the hive. The next morning the whole hive turned black and the bees were dead. Answer my dad put terps or sumthin all over it and burnt it all down.

How do you get rid bees with smoke?

Bees are terrified of fire, beekeepers puff smoke in to the hive to make the bees go to the bottom when removing the honey. I wouldn't recommend taking up smoking just to keep a bumble bee away though

How do you get rid of hornets without killing them?

Get inside a bee suit and carry the hive far far away.

How do you get rid of bees in a chimney stack?

Considering the dangers of Africanized bees, you would be well advised to hire a local firm which specializes in bee removal. They can clear the entire hive without the bees going after them. Some may be able to relocate the hive, if that is important to you. In addition, there may be a large amount of hive wax and honey to be removed, which could turn into quite a job. Also, they may be able to suggest ways to prevent its happening again.

How do bee get rid of waste?

Bees can defecate just like any other animal. They usually do it while flying and won't do it in the hive unless they are ill.

Can you spray bees and hives with ammonia to kill?

Ammonia alone will not kill bees. The most effective way to get rid of bees is to have a professional bee-keeper collect the bees. If that is not possible, pick up sevin dust at your local lawn and garden center. Sprinkle this on the bee hive or nest.

How can I get rid of bees flying around my house coming from local hives?

The only true way to stop this is to get rid of the hive. This can be dangerous though so it is safer to set up repellents around the house.

How do you get rid of the bees on Virtual Villagers?

if you mean virtual villagers 3 first you make a fire than have one of your villagers get a burned out torch by the bee hive

Are africanized bees harder to get rid of than regular honeybees?

They are no harder to get rid of, but more care needs to be taken because they are more protective of their hive than are European honey bees so are more ready to sting. Unless you are experienced at the task I would recommend you get professional help.

When do you get rid of a bees nest?

It is advised that only a trained and capable apiarist handle the removal of a bees' hive. This is very dangerous and if not done with the proper care, knowledge and equipment, it could lead to severe physical injury or death.