How do you get rid of bees with a honeycomb in a big tree root?


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Many people will come and take the bees for nothing. A bee hive is valuable.

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Bruce Plum tree is not a self pollinator, but this is no big deal as bees and insects will do the pollination process.

No, all bees sting, big or small.

A buttress root is NOT called a prop root. A buttress root is a big, thick, snake-like root that runs on the surface of the ground near the tree and helps to hold the tree firmly in place. A prop root/stilt root is a root that grows out of a branch and grows down to the ground to enter into the earth and to help hold the plant steady.

Hazelnut (Corylus) is a small tree or shrub with a fibrous root system so the do not grow big roots, at the most twice the spread of the tree.

It depends on the individual tree and the size of the root. Larger roots support more water absorbing roots further away from the tree, so cutting a larger root can drastically reduce the water uptake. Also, portions of the trunk and crown (branches) are tied to similar portions of the root structure, so removing a large root can kill a portion of the tree even if it doens't kill the entire tree.

Male bees are the big, fuzzy bees without stingers.

Yes black bees to sting

How big is a root hair cell?

"Urine big trouble if you mess with them bees, boy"

The bees you see are fully grown. Adult insects emerge full size from the pupa and don't grow any more. In terms of varieties, there is not a big difference in sizes of honey bees.

a pear tree can grow big but an appe tree is bigger

A honeycomb is about one inch long and wide. It is actually past one centimeter long. It is 1 centimeter and eight sixteenths centimeters long or one and a half centimeters long in length and in width.

'Big tree' is 'Crann mór', 'old tree' is 'Seanchrann'.

Bumble bees are about 2 inches long aka the size of a ping pong ball!!!

Well the the root grow so big so they can collect the water and the top of the trees grow so big to make shade to the bottom of the tree so the water does not evaporate

Queen bees have the same ability to sting as worker bees. The big difference is that the queen's sting is smooth, so she can withdraw it easily.

Big Tree Records was created in 1970.

Carpenter Bees are the big (fat), black bees that usually just hover around.

Bees get nectar from flowers and pollen. The pollen is to pollinate flowers (obviously) to make them grow big.And did you also know that bees pollinate a third of our food.

by scolding bean to become big tree

Bumble bees are big fat critters. Some times they are mostly black. Carpenter bees look more like honey bees. The tell teal sign of carpenters is saw dust and holes in where you think they are living.

A bee hive looks like a big nasty oddly shaped ball of brown and gray paper mache with several entrance/exit holes for the bees. Also another factor to the bee hive appearance is that it is in a tree and there are tons of BEES flying around it.

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