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This may be useful, but you will have to do some more searching for the specific type of oak. Apparently, if you have wood from a certain oak tree in the house you won't have Spiders. Some of the beams in Westminster Abbey are made from this wood to discourage spiders and therefore cobwebs. Even though we have no venomous spiders in England, we still have large black housespiders, which I loathe, so I am going to look further into this and give it a go! You can also use an item you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. It's really a mouse trap, it has this really sticky substance on it and when something walks on it it sticks to it. I don't have mice but I do have a lot of spiders and this thing works great for trapping spiders plus other insects. Just place them around the house, garage etc. and let it do the work. No smelly or unsafe chemicals either.

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Q: How do you get rid of black house spiders?
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