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This may be useful, but you will have to do some more searching for the specific type of oak. Apparently, if you have wood from a certain oak tree in the house you won't have Spiders. Some of the beams in Westminster Abbey are made from this wood to discourage spiders and therefore cobwebs. Even though we have no venomous spiders in England, we still have large black housespiders, which I loathe, so I am going to look further into this and give it a go! You can also use an item you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot. It's really a mouse trap, it has this really sticky substance on it and when something walks on it it sticks to it. I don't have mice but I do have a lot of spiders and this thing works great for trapping spiders plus other insects. Just place them around the house, garage etc. and let it do the work. No smelly or unsafe chemicals either.

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Q: How do you get rid of black house spiders?
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How do you get rid of Black Widow Spiders with out chemicals?

You cannot.

How do you get rid of black widow spiders in your home?

You cannot

Do black house spiders have small hairs?


Are house spiders venomous?

Black widows are.

How do you get rid of spiders on house plants?

call the exterminator or use a speacial spray

Do black house spiders bite?

yes they do bite

How do you get rid kc spiders in my bathroom?

Kill them. Or possibly move into a house that is non-spiderraded.

What kind of insecticides can you use to get rid of black widow spiders?

Catch the spider and starve them!

What poison does the black house spider have?

house spiders dont bite nd even if they did they would not poisun u no house spiders have any poison in them wotsoever

Do moth balls get rid of spiders?

no they do not because they are made to get rid of moths not spiders

What eats Redback spider?

The common black house spider eats redback spiders. This probably explains why redbacks are uncommon inside the house. Both redbacks and black house spiders are shy (especially the redback). A house spider will get to recognize you if you feed it ;)

Was putting your washing in machine and all of a sudden here comes this huge black spider out from under it are black spiders dangerous and how do you get rid?

it might be dangerous if it is a black widow, but it might not be. just squish it to get rid of it.

What kind of spider is small and black?

There are probably about a hundred thousand different small black spiders on Earth.

What spiders live in Cyprus?

the spiders in cyprus are mostly dangerous and in phaphos they have found a black widow spider cyprus spiders are black widows,common house spiders,wolf spider,trantula,femail and mail brown widows and many more.

Are Black House Spiders considered Dangerous to humans?

The bites from these spiders are rarely fatal ,but you should seek medical assistance if bitten

What are black widow spiders enemies?

Birds and lizards, even some other spiders, such as the brown house spider, feed on widows.

What do Whitetail Spiders eat?

White tail spiders are active hunters and mostly prey on other spiders. They will stalk the spiders while they are still in their own web and seem to prefer black house spiders as their food of choice

How can you get rid of spiders?

kill them

What can get rid of spiders?

by stepping on it

Can black house spiders be found in Minnesota?

they can be I've seen a wide black spider crawling around in my toilet today. It seemed to not thinck but skinny It was a black house spider

Do I need a local exterminator to remove spiders from my house?

The website can help you get rid of spiders and other bugs yourself. There is really no need to hire an exterminator when you can do this easily with their instruction.

Black spiders that carry babies?

Black spiders that carry babies are females. These could be black widow spiders or a variety of other kinds of spiders.

When was Black Spiders created?

Black Spiders was created in 2008.

How do you get rid of small black jumping spiders?

For many jumping spiders I suggest using a bug-bomb. This "bomb" will release poisen into the air killing the spiders after they breath it in. Please make sure that as soon as you set the bomb off that you and anyone else, including pets, are out of the house to prevent sickness that could be life threatening. These bombs can be purchased from you local Walmart or Target.

How do you get rid of grand daddy spiders?

You can get rid of it by hitting it with a shoe or what is close to u