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Try to add some fiber to your diet,bran muffins, bran cereal,Prune Juice.These don't work overnight but should help.You could try a mild laxative to get you going.Milk of Magnesia with about a tblspn of cascara mixed with it is a good laxative( get cascara at your drugstore ask pharmacist)

Answerjust be careful things you take to get rid of side effects, some side effects should be discussed with your doctor, then some over the counter meds should be talked about with a pharmacist, there are drug interactions that can complicate and disrupt the wellbutrin

I have been taking Wellbutrin for a while and I found that in time my body adjusted and the initial constipation went away (2 x 200mg / day). However, it hasn't been effective for my symptoms so I am being weened off this drug and as I decrease the dose I am getting loose stools now. I imagine my body will eventually adjust, again.

AnswerWith Wellbutrin-related constipation, I have had very good luck with Miralax (or generic equivalent). It is a powder that dissolves instantly in water, with no taste or thickness. It does not have the urgency of a laxative, but just regulates you. One-half to one dose a few times a week is enough for me. My doctor said it is OK to take on a continuing basis. Also, if you take calcium, it can be constipating. Take magnesium to counteract.
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Q: How do you get rid of constipation while taking the medication Wellbutrin?
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