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Treatment for Excessive Burping

The treatment for excessive burping depends upon the excessive burping causes. Excessive burping caused due to a food allergy can be avoided by discontinuing such foods which trigger an allergic reaction. Doctors generally prescribe antihistamines to treat various symptoms of food Allergies.

Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding foods which are oily and spicy can treat excessive burping in anybody, including pregnant women. Foods such as milk, wheat, eggs, wheat, colas, peanuts and chocolate are known to cause gas in people so their intake should be lessened or avoided altogether, if possible. Increasing fluid intake helps in digesting the food faster so including lots of water, fruit juices in the diet helps in reducing burping. Soft drinks should be avoided at all costs as the pressurized air caused in the body due to them, always forces its way out and thus, causes excessive burping. Chewing the food properly, aids in digestion and thus, reduces burping.

Excessive burping caused due to irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflex disease, can be cured by treating these stomach disorders. There are no medicines available to treat irritable bowel syndrome, also known as spastic colon, but there are certain natural treatments for irritable bowel syndrome which help in relieving its symptoms. Natural oils such as peppermint oil and primrose oil help in reducing the cramps and stomach pain caused due to IBS. Also, consuming a high fiber diet helps in curing this condition too.

For treating acid reflex disease and the resultant burping, doctors generally prescribe medicines such as nexium and antacid. But the effectiveness of such medicines is often questioned. Acid reflex alternative medicines such as probiotics and herbs like licorice, accompanied by natural remedies such as consuming aloe vera juice, eating alkaline rich foods such as cucumber, asparagus, celery, leeks, etc. are much more effective in treating both acid reflex disease and burping.

These are a few treatment options for the various excessive burping causes. However, excessive burping, in some cases could be due to a gallbladder disease and thus, can be pretty serious. In such a case, proper gall bladder disease treatment, such as, gall bladder surgery should be opted for, after consultation with a doctor.

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Q: How do you get rid of continuous burping?
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