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How do you get rid of credit card charge off's?


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Steps to Dispute • Get your credit report. • Review your credit report. • Decide which items you want to dispute. • Write letters. • Always hand write your letters in your own handwriting. • Keep copies of all correspondence. • Keep separate file copies on each credit bureau. • Follow up if needed. • Obtain results. also: Charge Offs - I paid "Account Name and Account Number" as agreed. You show this as a charge off, which cannot possibly be correct. Please correct the way you are reporting this. (Charge offs are an amount the department store has written off as a bad debt. It is then listed on the report as a charge off). Best of luck,


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The charge offs will remain the required seven years and should be noted as included or discharged in bankruptcy.

Yes. Eliminating a card will hurt your credit, not help it. If you have to get rid of a card, cut it up and stop using it, but don't cancel it.

The easiest way to get rid of a credit card debt is to take stock of finances. Some other easy ways to get rid of a credit card debt are to cash in investments, create a plan, file for bankruptcy and many more.

If you want to lower some of your credit card accounts, you will need to go by a strict a budget. Your spending habits will have to change as to not charge things to your card. You will want to put any extra money you have on them to pay off the balance. If you want to get rid of a credit card, you need to call the company and cancel it once the card balance is zero.

There are a number of ways to get rid of credit card debt, though some are more effective than others. It is quite common for people to transfer the debt from one credit card to another credit card that has no or low interest on balance transfers. It is also quite common for credit card debt to be included in a personal loan or car loan, or for it to be absorbed into the mortgage.

We had to cancel our credit card to get rid of the continuing charges

If you currently have a credit card, it may be time that you got rid of it. It is not necessarily a good idea to keep credit cards, especially if you are in debt and trying to get out. Credit cards should only be used in emergency situations when an unexpected expense comes up. Other than that, you should not be using your card to go grocery shopping with or to buy yourself a shirt at the local store. In order to stay out of debt, it is a wise idea to get rid of any credit card that you may have.

It can be very difficult to get rid of debt entirely. For help, you can visit for credit card debt reduction information.

You can easily cancel it by just canceling it on your credit card Easy

There are nine quick steps to fix their credit score. If get a credit card if don't have one. Next , add an installment loan to the mix. Pay down your credit card. Use your card lightly by limiting it to 30%. Check your limit regularly. Get rid of any old card. Get some good will. Dispute old negatives and blitz significant errors.

Write offs are things you can get rid of with taxes. The write down's will have to be dealt with by accounting in the budget.

Get a credit card, max it out and put all the money on black. Double your money, keep doing this till you have enough to clear your debt. Easy.

If you have credit card debt, here are some steps you can take: Stop using the credit card immediately. Cut it up. Pay more than the minimum payment each month. If you have debt on more than one credit card, pay off the one with the higher interest rate first, while still paying the minimum on the other. When the first is paid off, add that amount to the payment on the next to pay it off faster. Once your debt is paid off, endeavor to charge only those amounts that you can pay each month.

There are a number of tips that can be used to get rid of credit card debt. One must first list all debts and pay more than the minimum. Make sure that payments are not late and try to negotiate a lower interest rate. If one is in serious financial trouble one might consider consulting a credit counselor.

Many people wonder, How can I ever pay my credit card bill? Perhaps they have amassed thousands of dollars in credit card debt and just feel overwhelmed by such debt. This is completely understandable, and there are many legitimate reasons a person may amass incredible amounts of credit card debt. A person may not intend to amass so much debt, but he or she may be a student in grad school and simply need to use credit cards to get by on a daily basis. Paying a credit card bill does not have to be overwhelming. Rather, a person can take a very methodical approach to eliminating credit card debt. First, a person should seek to pay off credit cards with the lowest balances on them possible. Getting rid of these credit cards will make a person's burden feel a lot lighter. A person should then get rid of the balances on cards that have high interest rates. Getting rid of balances on cards with high interest rates is critical for those people that may be paying large amounts of money in interest fees.

The first thing you should do to get rid of credit card debt is to pay off as much of it as you can. Use any savings you have first to pay it off and then sell anything of worth that you have but no longer use. Then make sure that you pay off as much of the bill as you can each month.

get rid of ur dern credit card it ain't nuttin but a piece of plastic get dat cash so when u run out of it u cnt overdraft

You can get rid of your Chase com credit cards by paying off the debt and canceling them. They will most likely continue to send you information and they do not make it easy to quit, but if you get on the phone with a representative, you should be able to.Also cut the card up so you can't use it again.

Chances are if you have good credit already, shop around for a new credit card which has 0% transer fee and 0% interest on transfers. Keep your old one open and just don't charge on it, they shouldn't charge you the annual fee if you're not using it. Credit is not that great and am trying to improve... There is no such thing as "free" when you get a credit card. They are money lenders and want to make a profit. They may give you 0 interest, but, if you miss one payment they will slap you with biggest percentage fee you've ever seen and it's downhill from there. Cut up those credit cards! If you are in debt go to your bank and see if you can take out a small Line Of Credit. The Interest rate is much lower and you can pay your credit cards off with this and make payments on your Line of Credit. Remember, if you can't afford it then you shouldn't have it! Credit cards are needed in emergencies and many places you may want to travel and stay will require a credit card, but, keep it far back in your wallet and unless you are having a real emergency (such as car trouble) or you need it to secure a hotel in another town or country DON'T USE IT!

Credit card debt doesn't go away easily or fast. It takes much effort and a lot of patience. Patience is the most important. You cannot spend any un-necessary purchases on credit or debit. Things like electronics or appliances should be avoided until debt is little or none at all.

1. Get a card or a credit card2. Get the credit card (or card) and rub it at the place you got stung at to get the stinger out3. Get a Lemon and put it at the place you got stung at. It helps to get the poison out. DON'T PUT PRESSURE!4. Wait a little.5 Try a cool wet tea bag. The tannin in the tea will soothe the pain and help draw out the stinger.

It is always easy to think just because you pay off your debt your credit score goes up, but that is not true at all. Many credit companies don't tell people that are suffering with credit debt or any debt that it not because your in debt that brings your credit down there are MANY hidden fees that are not been removed so, there's where I come in and tell you the truth don't pay the debt. It's not going to help you out. Get in contact with an expert. If you need more information contact me at 786-792-2002

Its totally up to you if you want to use your credit cards. I am on disability and you will not get anything from the gov't for credit card debt no matter what you use them on. They supposedly give you enough money for groceries so you cannot say that you caused the debt buying groceries or anything else for that matter.You are on your own. good luck, i know how hard it is to get rid of credit card debt.

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