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Is a creeping charlie a producer consumer or a decomposer?


What houseplants have a deep root system?

Creeping charlie, philedandron types, Mother In Law plant,

How do you get rid of a Charlie Horse?

To get rid of a Charlie horse in the calf of the leg, it is good to stretch the calf by pointing the toes toward the knee. Another way to get rid of a Charlie horse is to walk slowly. Rubbing the area of the Charlie horse is also good.

Is creeping charlie poisonous to rabbits?

Yes, it is. See the link below for a list of plants that are poisonous for rabbits.

How do you get rid of the black crud creeping up the bathroom sink drain?

you can try cleaning the sink out with bleach.

What is a charlie horse and how do you get rid of it?

A charlie horse is basically a leg cramp that is caused by lack of potassium, so to get rid of it you have to eat stuff with potassium in it.

How can you get rid of creepy charlie in your lawn?


How do get rid of Charlie horses?

Give it a carrot

Examples of climbing stems?

Some examples are; Houseplant called Creeping Charlie, Wandering Jew, Ivy types.

Yesterday I had a pain in your legs which was so bad it inabled me to walk what is that?

It's called a Charlie Horse. To get rid of it, eat a banana. A banana has potassium which will help get rid of the Charlie Horse.

What is creeping in Tagalog?

creeping in Tagalog: gumagapang

What are creeping animals?

Creeping animals are those that move about by creeping. Examples are snakes, worms, and caterpillars.

How do you use creeping in a sentence?

There are 2 ways you can say The guy at the graveyard was creeping around. The fly was creeping me out.

How to avoid creeping noise in hydraulic cylinder?

creeping noise

Who sings creeping in your soul?

Creeping In Your Soul is by Christine Lorentzen.

How many syllablles does the word creeping have?

Creeping has two syllables.

What is the duration of The Creeping Terror?

The duration of The Creeping Terror is 1.25 hours.

What is the duration of The Creeping Flesh?

The duration of The Creeping Flesh is 1.57 hours.

Why does eating some mustard get rid of charlie horses?

It gets rid of it almost instantly because of the key ingredient in mustard called turmeric.

How much can you get for your 1982 metallica creeping death record?

Nothing... Creeping Death was not recorded til 1984 and the "creeping death" single was not released til 1985.

What is scope creeping?

Project scope creeping is the uncontrolled changes that are made within a project

What is creeping obesity?

The slow gain of body fat is what nutritionists call creeping obesity.

Did Evanescence make the song Creeping In your Soul?

Definitely not. Creeping in Your Soul is by Christine Lorentzen.

What is a creeping water bug known for?

the creeping water bugs are known for there well developed biceps

What is a Cucurbita Stem?

Cucurbita are gourds. Their stems are sometimes called vines. Cucurbita stem is a dicot trailing or creeping stem. It has tendrils for creeping on the ground or for ascending on a support.