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Daddy Longlegs are really good to have around because they are such great predators of other tiny insects and they are not poisonous. However, if you are overflowing with them, or just don't want them around, you can use any type of insecticide that would work on Spiders, like the bug 'bombs' for inside and other sprays outside.

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Q: How do you get rid of daddy long legs?
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Are grand daddy long legs and daddy long legs related?

Daddy long legs are not spiders. They are called harvestmen and they have 10 legs. Grand daddy long legs are spiders and they are also called cellar spiders.

How do you get rid of grand daddy long leg spiders?

Daddy long legs are completely harmless (they are one of the very few spiders that are not even poisonous!)

How long is a daddy long legs legs?

An adult daddy long legs will have segmented legs, that when stretched out would be about 5 to 6cm long.

Why is daddy long legs named daddy long legs?

if you have ever seen one they have very long legs

Why is a daddy long legs called a daddy long legs?

Because they have long legs compared to the size of their bodies.

Are there Female daddy long legs?

Yes there are female daddy long legs

When was My Daddy Long Legs created?

My Daddy Long Legs was created in 1990.

Are daddy long legs in Wisconsin?

Yes there are daddy long legs in Wisconsin.

Is it poison daddy long legs?

no daddy long legs are not poisons or toxi

Do daddy long legs bit?

no daddy long legs dont bit.

Can a daddy long legs have a enemies?

of course the daddy long leg has enemies its enemy is other daddy long legs

Are there daddy long legs in America?

no. but there are daddy fat legs

Where do daddy long legs find their food at?

Where do daddy long legs find their food.

Is the daddy long legs spider harmful?

daddy long legs are not spiders, and they are not harmful.

Is the daddy long legs spider harmless or poisonous?

daddy long legs are harmless.

What has longer legs a spider or a daddy long legs?

A "daddy long legs" is also a spider. It has the longest legs of any arachnid.

How did the daddy long legs get its strange name?

The daddy long legs is named for its incredibly long legs, which are massive in comparison to its body.

What are the colors of the different species of daddy long legs?

There is only one type of daddy long legs, which is the common household Daddy- long legs. They have brown legs. Most have blue eyes too.

Do daddy long legs hibernate?

Daddy long legs indeed do NOT hibernate, arachnids do not hibernate

What is the scientific name for a daddy long legs?

The scientific name for a 'Daddy Long Legs' is a cellar spider

Do daddy long legs have relations to other spiders?

No, daddy long legs are insects and spiders are arachnids

What kind of spiders do white tailed spiders eat?

daddy long legs. but if they eat daddy long legs the daddy long legs are poisenes so the white tail spiders die.

What are Female daddy long legs called?

mommy long legs just like baby daddy long legs are called baby legs. since they are called what they are. its that simple! :)

How did daddy long legs get its name?

The name daddy-long-legs beginning is unknown. It is suspected to have come from a book by Jean Webster about a girl in an orphanage whose benefactor is a tall man whom has long legs and she calls him Daddy Long Legs.

Is a daddy long leg a betel?

no. a daddy long legs is a spider