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How do you get rid of ducks in your swimming pool?


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We have used a product called Kings Duck Solution that is applied to the area around the pool that the duck likes to frequent. It is all-natural and non toxic and ducks simply hate the stuff and leave...... and they have not returned. Easy. There is a web page

Trapping is apparently the only sure fire method. Or a gun, I suppose, but that's mean. i don't think u should use a gun i think use a trap to remove them call animal control to relocate them hope this helps.


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There are a number of different methods you could use to keep ducks away from your swimming pool. You could for example cover or drain your pool when you are not using it.

You buy a swimming pool net and scoop them out.

You cannot stop ducks from flying over the fence and into the pool. You can however treat the issue successfully and force the ducks to move on. Kings Duck Solution is the answer. Michael

Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

run at them and scream. mabey even throw a stick.

Ducks love your pool because it is a safe place to stay, swim, preen and socialise. Ducks see you pool from above as a waypoint while doing their daily routine. Your task is to take your pool out of their daily routine and stay elsewhere longer or find another place. Products such as Kings Duck Solution will change their routine. Ducks will make your pool unhealthy and unsafe. There is nothing cute about ducks swimming in your pool. Do not encourage or feed them. Any duck dropping should be treated like and other fecal accident. If you are invited to swim in a pool with a duck issue - politely refuse.

No, but if they swim in your pool a lot, the duck poop is going to make the water murky. Ducks and swimming pools are not a good combination. Pool sanitisers such as chlorine have no ill affect on the bird. Ducks like the pool environment as it is often a safe haven with clear water and unobtrusive surrounds. The duck droppings do have a negative effect on the pool water balance and will eventually clog the filter with the creamy white paste.

Ducks can tolerate limited contact with chlorine pools. Since natural habitat is lost in urban areas, ducks have little choice. Set up a chlorine-free wading pool for wild mallards.

'Water to Ducks' is the name of the episode where George makes a pond out of his swimming pool for a family of ducks.

Extremely unsanitary - you could get quite sick from their poop.

yes, if they swallow too much ( about 1ltr) it could make them ill.

Ducks live usually near water, rivers, streams and oceans. They love swimming and the place you will find them is near water! sometimes even in your pool!

With a strainer, simply scoop them out and/or with a filter if you have one.

a swimming pool a swimming pool

Copper sulphate or Methylene Blue will kill the Algae - you then have to drain and wash the pool to get rid of the debris

Dump a gallon of cyanide into the swimming pool. This will solve all of your parasite problems.

u could get a net and scoop it out or a boul

Fill it with cement then put dirt on top of it and plant grass :)

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