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How do you get rid of eye bags?

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Q: How do you get rid of eye bags?
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Does tea bags get rid of under eyes bags?

Well, if you place the tea bags over your eye bags, it hides them pretty well.

How do you get rid of under eye bags?

Easy n best way to get rid of eye bags: put used tea bags in freezer for about half an hour then put those on ur eyes for 10-15min. Carry this treatment till u get rid off. Its really affective

How do you get rid of a stige on your eye lid?

To get rid of a sty on the eye a person can use tea bags on their eyes. The tea contains tannins which are anti-bacterial and will help heal the sty.

How can you get rid of eye wrinkles and bags?

To avoid getting wrinkles you can avoid tanning and to get rid of under eye bags you can take ice and put it in a washcloth then dip it in a small amount of milk...(believe it or not, this works) then rub it under your eyes and you will feel very refreshed and POOF! bags are gone!:) hope this helped.

How do you get rid of eye bags that you have had all of your life?

Put teabags on them (wet) and let sit for bout 10 min.

How do you get rid of bags under my eyes?

'''if you want to get rid of bags from your eyes then sleep earl^^)'''

How do you get rid of sty in chicuacua's eye?

Well usually they give you a cream at the vets office but.. I use tea bags just get orignal tea bags or green tea, tea bags and put it in boiling water and take it out and wait ! minute for it to cool then rub it on your dogs eye :D that simple :D

How do you get eye bags?

to get eye bags you either don't get enough sleep or you work to hard

How to remove bags above eyes?

To remove bags above eyes one is required to put a spoon in the freezer at night before going to bed then when the person wakes up puts the spoon under each eye for 30 seconds. It really does work. Or buy some eye cream, It really helps if it has caffeine in it to work fast to get rid of the eye bags.

How can you get rid of eye bags without sleep?

Eye bags can be treated by using a good under eye cream. Try Optimals White Seeing is Believing Eye Cream from Oriflame. I've used this cream and found it really effective in reducing eye bags, darkness and wrinkles. I had purchased in on one of my friend's recommendation from an Oriflame consultant she was in touch with. If you too know Oriflame consultant in your are, do get this cream. Its really effective, you will see the result within few weeks.

Can cucumber get rid of dark eye bags?

Yes. Cucumber has long been known as a good dark eye bags remover.What to do:Peel cucumber, remove the seeds, and then grate it. Remove the juice and place the cucumber pulp in a thin, soft cloth. Pat this on your dark eye bags for about 10 minutes before washing off the face. The cucumber juice may also be used as astringent.

How can bags under your eyes go?

There are many remedies to getting rid of bags. The whole reason people put cucumber on their eyes is to get rid of bags. putting moisturiser is best.

How do you get rid of bags?

get some SLEEP

How do you remove eye-bags?

You should get some sleep.

I am a 16 years old girl....what is the best green tea to use to get rid of under eye darkness and wrinkly eye bags?

First of all, if you have bags and dark circles under your eyes, what you should do is sleep more. If you sleep to little, you will get those dark circles. There are also under eye concealers that cover them up.

How do you get rid of bags from your eyes?

get some sleep

How do you prevent bags under eyes?

Get a good night sleep, dont sit to close next to your t.v. There are many reasons to get rid of under eye bags. Having bags under your eyes can give those around you misgivings about your lifestyle. Your day may be tranquil and your mind serene, but people will assume you've been on a ten-day drunk, chewing on meth to stay awake long enough to watch every episode of Law and Order without stopping…or blinking. Worse yet, having bags under the eyes will make people think you are old, which is an offense of great magnitude in our youth-centric culture. In severe cases, eye bags can lead to vision impairment. In the name of social and economic prosperity, we must get rid of eye bags. happy to help

How to get rid of eye glasses?

To improve your vision and get rid of the eye glasses eat a lot of carrots.

Can botox help with eye bags?

Botox helps lines and may need to see a plastic surgeon about fixing eye bags.

How do you get rid of morning bags under your eyes?

Hi, To get rid of these bags under your eyes try using: Tea bags (warmed) or Cucumber (thin layers sliced) I hope this helps, cause I use this method and it works for me

How do you get rid of a pink eye?

Antibiotic eye drops.

Does Marijuana cause eye bags?


Has jayne torvill had eye bags removed?


How to get rid of blood in the eye during a black eye?

The other day I fell and got a black eye, and I have blood on my eye, so I think the best way to get rid of it is by rinsing your eye with water.

How do you rid of eye bags?

Apply alot of moisturiser under your eyes. When that is nearly soaked in apply more and so on. Do this as many times as possible. This tightens the skin. Hope this helped. x