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How do you get rid of garden snails?

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If it is a garden snail, sprinkle salt on it.

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How do you get garden snails without buying them at a store?

Due to industrialization it becomes more difficult to find garden snails, but you can find them at riverbeds or ponds at countrysides. Another answer: in my experience, garden snails find you, and the problem is getting rid of them! Hostas and petunias seem to attract them.

What is the difference between garden snails and apple snails?

One difference is that Apple Snails are freshwater snails and Garden Snails are land snails.

Where do garden snails live?

Garden snails live, as their name says, in the garden.

What is the difference between apple snails and garden snails?

Apple snails are freshwater aquatic snails. Garden snails are land snails.Apple snails have lungs and gillsGarden snails have lungs onlyApple snails skin is thin and translucent (with slime)Garden snails skin is thick and leathery (with slime)All apple snails have two sets of antennaeGarden snails have species with one and two sets.

Are garden snails and pond snails the same?

Pond snails are aquatic freshwater snails whereas garden snails are terrestrial. They are both different species.

What is the fast type of snails?

garden snails

How do garden snails have baby garden snails?

I've already answered a similar qst. Jst type in : How do snails make more snails and u'll find my answer.

Are snails good for your garden?

No they eat your garden.

What eats a garden snails?

Goldfish CAN eat garden snails if you break their shell open first.

What snails are eating your lawn?

They are known as garden snails!

What do garden snails drink?

Garden snails do not drink salt water, but they will drink water. Garden snails will drink any water that crosses their path. Snails can not drink salt water because it dries out and shrivels up their skin.

How do you get rid of snails in your garden?

get an orang cut it in half eat the inside leave the skin and leave it in your garden.Leave it for a about 2 or 3 weeks then pick it up and you might find some snails or slugs in it.

What kinds of snails are there?

There are thousands of kinds of snails, but many are known as either garden snails or Roman snails.

How do you get rid of an opossum?

It's best not to get rid of it at all. If you get rid of it, other animals would replace it anyway. Opossums are quite good to have in your garden because they eat pests such as snails and slugs, and eat rotten berries.

Where do you find snails in your garden?

They are everywhere in your garden after if rains or while it is raining! I collected my garden snails from my garden myself. A lot of them come out when it rains, but if you don't want to get too wet, you can collect garden snails right when the rain stops or when it subsides to a slight drizzle. I found my garden snails all over the place, behind rocks, plants, on trees, everywhere!

When do you find snails?

in a garden

Where can snails be found?

in a garden

Do baby garden snails have shells when they are born?

Yes! Garden snails hatch from eggs with their shells fully developed.

WHY do you get snails in your garden?

I know at my school we got snails in our garden because we got exotic plants, but I live in Colorado!

What garden pest is Beer is an effective control for?

Garden snails !!

Do garden snails like to eat lettuce?

Yes, garden snails love eating lettuce.

Can garden snails stay in the water?

Garden snails cannot stay in water because they cannot breath or swim in water. However, garden snails need water to keep them moist so they don't dry up.

Get rid of your snail and slug phobia?

Get rid of the snails and slugs.

What does garden snails eat?


Garden Snails as pets?