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How do you get rid of inflamed taste buds that are very painful?


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April 22, 2009 3:39AM

I've not heard of taste buds becoming inflammed. You can have certain conditions that cause a part or all of the tongue to swell and you would need to let your doctor examine you. Sometimes the salivary glands which are under your tongue can develop stones, similar to kidney stones, and bits of these can break off and move along the salivary duct. We have three pairs of salivary glands in our mouth and these are responsible for providing saliva which is used in the digestion of food and is normally produced in larger amounts when we eat/chew. It is not common to have stones in all of the glands and usually only one gland if affected. When a piece of stone breaks off the main stone within the gland it will can travel down the salivary duct. If the fragment of stone blocks the duct then this will restrict or even stop the saliva secreting from that gland. As mentioned, we produce more saliva as we chew our food so this will cause pressure to build up behind the blockage and will cause pain under the tongue on the affected side. You may also experience toothache as well which is really refered pain caused by the swelling but also travelling along a tooth nerve. When you have the more intense pain during eating you may be able to see the engorged salivary duct. If blocked for more than a few days the duct can become infected and you may see pus ousing from it. If it causes long term problems then the whole gland can be removed. This will involve surgery being carried out on the neck area and you should discuss the pros and cons but mostly cons with the surgeon as you may experience a temperary palsy post operatively. [jaw drop] Hope this helps. Alternatively, and commonly overlooked this is a result of eating foods that are temperature wise, too hot and causes a minor burn to the surface of your tounge, resulting in inflammation of your taste buds. Happens commonly when you drink a hot beverage without it being relatively cool first. They are usually small little white dots, sometimes red and sting whenever you touch them. Like all inflammations and burns they get better with time. just dont aggrivate with hot foods...