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How do you get rid of mice without a mousetrap?

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Glue boardsYou may purchase glue boards from most Home Improvement stores and retailers. If you catch anything other then mice, i.e. your pet, birds or other animals, baby oil or warm water should get them off of it.

Cat mint which is an herb is supposed to deter mice. Place plants in pots or hang upside down in various areas. You should also put every kind of opened and or dried fooods like pastas, rice, sugar, flour etc., food in air tight storage containers. I have compost outside and recycle everything else. Whatever trash we have that is either not compostable or recyclable can be held in a plastic grocery bag. These thisng will also deter mice when they cannot find a food source.

Nah. I recommend the Middle Eastern way. Just get a slipper and keep whacking the mouse until it bleeds. You can buy these from most middle eastern shops. The instruction's are on the back of the packet.

2010-11-15 16:17:34
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Q: How do you get rid of mice without a mousetrap?
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What is the purpose of wheels on a mousetrap car?

because the wheel make the mousetrap go forward but without the wheels the mousetrap stays in one place

What is the theme of Agatha Christie's Mousetrap?

The melody "Three Blind Mice" is a recurring theme.

How do I get mice out of walls?

Cats are excellent at keeping mice out of houses. If getting a cat is not a possibility, I suggest calling an exterminator who can rid your walls of mice without causing damage to your home.

How do you get rid of mice?

To get rid of mice without using any traps or poison put stickers all over the walls of your house because the mice are afraid of them and will actually try to get out of your house if you put up the stickers. LAB TESTS SHOW THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to do with mouse babies?

Most baby mice will not live without their mother, I say get rid of them they carry diseases.

How do you get rid of mice out of our shed?

mice traps and poison but be carful.

How do you get rid of mice in my home?

you can set mice traps around the house or if that dosnt work you can call an exterminator company to get rid of them :)

How can I get rid of mice without poisons?

Natural pest control products may be the answer for you. These pest control products use natural substances such as peppermint to rid your home of pest.

What is the best cheese to put in a mousetrap?

None. Mice actually go for peanut butter better than cheese!

How do you get rid of mice in garden?

get a cat

How do you get rid of mice in the house?

Get a cat

How do you get rid of mice in ducts?

Gas them.

How do you rid a school of mice?

you cant

How can you get rid of mice in the home?

Finding mice in your home is not very pleasant. The best ways to get rid of them are to set out traps as well as poison in certain areas that you have seen mice and/or their droppings.

Will wintergreen rid mice?

It works to get rid of diseases in the air, while acting as expectorant. The mice do not like the smell of wintergreen or peppermint.

Why was the mousetrap invented?

There were lots of mice, and people wanted a simple way to kill them, as mice can cause considerable damage to property, eat your food and also pose a considerable health risk.

How do you get rid of mice in your garage?

Use mice pioson or a good old fashoned trap.

How to get rido of field mice?

One way to get rid of field mice is to use poison.

How best to get rid of house mice?

get a cat

How do you get rid of mouses?

There are a lot of products on the market to get rid of mice. Traps are quick but messy and sometimes dangerous, there are poisons- decon mice pellets, or you can get a cat.

What are some general information about mousetrap cars?

It is best if they have night vision sights as Mice tend to be nocternal and chasing them in your Mousetrap car is best done at night. My first was too big and I smashed several walls chasing a mouse into it's hole. Still I hate mice so a few rebuildable walls is an easy sacrifice

How can one get rid of mice in a basement?

A person can get rid of mice in a basement by setting up discreet yet effective mouse traps. Also, take care not to create a comfortable environment for mice to breed in your home.

What powers a mousetrap car?

a mousetrap.

How do you get rid of mice in your house?

Get a cat or a rat trap

How do get rid of mice?

buy a mouser cat and he will catch them