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How do you get rid of moles in your yard?

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A popular method is to place a few weather vanes with propellers on sticks around the garden; the vibration caused by the propellers will often drive the moles away. A farmer told me two methods. Use aspirin down each hole or if you have a long haired cat, keep the fur and stuff it down the holes.

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How do you get rid of yard moles

Can you use human hair to get rid of moles from a yard?

No. Get a cat.

How do you get rid of yard of moles?

Try putting moth balls in the mole tunnels.

Get rid of moles?

form_title= Get rid of moles. form_header= Are moles ruining your yard? Where is the mole?*= _ [50] How long has the mole been there?*= _ [50] Has anyone been bitten by the mole?*= () Yes () No

How do you rid your yard of moles?

Get a solar-powered thingy that sends a pulse to a radius of 45 ft and buzzes every minute or so. The moles go away.

How do you get rid of the moles in The Sims 2?

There are no moles, the holes in your sims yard are from stray dogs digging. May I suggest you put up a fence or if it's your own dogs doing it catch them and train them not to.

How do you rid of moles?

You should go to a dermatologist to get moles removed.

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

How do you keep moles out of your vegetable garden?

moles eat grubs so if you get rid of the grubs the moles will leave

How do you get rid of yard moles?

Buy a very small cheap transistor radio, put it on a hard rock music station on the loudest volume it will go and insert it into one of the mole holes as deep in there as you can and the mole will leave your yard from the loud hard rock music.

What do you do to get rid of moles in the body?

you go to the doctor and they can cut them out

How do you get rid of frogs in our yard?


What countries do moles live in?

I have them in my yard in North Carolina, USA.

How do you get rid of moles?

You can get moles frozen off by a doctor, but it takes a few weeks for them to actually fall off.

Are there moles in Arizona?

yes in my front and back yard. spread moth balls around to get rid of. if worried about pets rake dirt flat and they will leave very soon as they always search for more worms

Is honey good for your skin?

Not sure but it supposedly get rid of moles.

How do you get rid of skin flaps and moles?

You can go to your dermatologist and he/she will remove it for you.

How do you get rid of mice rats and moles?

Hide them under your matteress.

How do you get rid of crawdads in your yard?

Rock salt

How can you get rid of tree frogs in your yard?

give them to me

How do you get rid of cats out of your yard?

Get a dog dumb

How does someone get rid of facial moles?

One can get rid of facial moles thru laser surgery. One must not attempt to remove them by himself or herself since moles can be cancerous or non-cancerous. An appointment with the dermatologist is suggested before anything else.

How to get rid of moles?

In order to get rid of moles on the body, you can go to the doctor to either surgically remove them or freeze them off (don't try at home). There are many types of moles and there are some that are not permanent. The best way (if that mole is not permanent) is to let it go away by itself.

Will moles hurt the garden?

moles eat food in a garden. so yes moles would be bad for the garden. i would get rid of them inless you like them eating your food.

How do you rid yard of leafcutter ants?

Unless you have a rainforest in your yard you don't have any leafcutter ants.