How do you get rid of mushrooms on your lawn?

=== === Different mushrooms have different growth characteristics and so pose different degrees of tenacity when trying to make sure they never come back again. Marasmius oreades (Fairy Ring Mushroom) is extremely difficult to kill, and short of stripping the sod and replacing it entirely in affected areas, attempts to destroy it with fungicides are spotty at best. Other, like the agarics known as Meadow Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris), will not damage the lawn, will usually disappear themselves after a couple of seasons, and frankly are a treat as an edible table mushroom, being closely related to thge Button Mushroom we buy in stores. Then others still, especially those that are growing close to any trees you may have on the property, should only be picked off. Since many of these kinds form a mutually benifial relationship with your trees, using a fungicide to kill them will also put a strain on the tree they were associated with. But overall, unless this mushrrom is actually causing damage you can see (Marasmius does this very noticeably), or is known to be toxic and pose a threat to kids or animals, you are much better off just to leave them alone. Most have an undrground "root" system (mycelium) that goes deep under the grass. These cannot be permanently destroyed without killing off the underground portion first. Better to educate oneself on how to determine the species, then enjoy them for what they are instead of fearing that they are all somehow poisonous or damaging. The numbers of poisonous species is actually much lower than most people think.