How do you get rid of nits?

One good way is to shave it off, but that is not the most fashionable way.

1. An old fashioned remedy is to get a cheap conditioner and put LOADS (half a bottle!) of it through your hair, leave for 20 min then comb through with a nit comb, some people say to do that for 1 week twice, but i say for 18 days every third day.

2. You can either use mayonnaise or olive oil for this one, smother your choice through hair (make sure not to miss anywhere!) and leave for 8 hours then wash out with shampoo and do a quick comb through with nit comb (just to get rid of dead bodies).

3. This remedy includes a trip to the hairdresser, the product is called nit bomb, it's expensive but it works! ($20) it says to apply twice over two weeks but i suggest applying 4 times over 2 weeks (2 bottles) and that's all the information i can give u from here just go from the directions enclosed. The reason I doubled the weeks and application times is cause i used it and i still have nits. But it works pretty darn well. (i put some on a tick and within 10 seconds it was dead) and it is environmentally friendly!

The key to treating a lice infestation - and preventing re-infestation - is to break the life cycle with a product that removes the eggs before they can hatch. There are a number of natural non - toxic products available which assist the process, including nit-nurse. Nit-Nurse uses natural plant extracts and oils, including Olea europaea - one of nature's anti-parasitics - and Eucalyptus globulus - a powerful natural disinfectant - to help eliminate head lice.