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It would depend on what is causing the bumps. Most of the time bumps on the tongue are caused by viral illnesses or by an irritant touching the tongue directly. Without more information, I am not able to refine my answer anymore.

If you have red bumps on your tongue, you should go see your doctor to get it checked out and treated.

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consistant biting on your tongue can give you these red bumps called tongue sours they will be gone in about 2-6 days

I have tiny red painful bumps on my tongue and very painful kanker sores in mouth.

If you are referring to the tiny white bumps on your tongue, I use white vinagar mixed half with water, gargle, spit out, they dissappear in one day.

Rince with water and salt. If it doesn't go away after 2 weeks, go see your dentist and have it checked.

The bumps on your tongue are taste buds.

A sign of scarlet fever in which the tongue appears to have a red coating with large raised bumps

taste buds?Your taste buds are the small red bumps on all of your tongue. The bumps on the tongue indicate a nostril infection that can result in runny nose and blood noses.Those large white bumps on the back of the tongue are normal. Everyone has them.They are very large taste buds.They are large taste buds.

They are your taste buds. The majority of taste buds on the tongue sit on raised protrusions of the tongue surface called papillae.

No because its lik drinking alcohol you might die

these bumps are food bumps on our tongue they help us to recognice different food. our tongue has many different different food bumps for eg u can taste anything salty in the bottom of our tongue .

well not red bumps but will turn yoru tounge white and cause raised white bumps and make yoru tounge extremly sensitive

it is your taste buds or you got strept throut

Those are your taste buds. The sweet taste buds are at the tips and are stronger than the others like, sour or bitter. The tip of my tongue is red and has bumps on it too, like everybody for this reason.

The taste buds are the bumps on your tongue

Small bumps or sores on the tongue can be caused by allergic reactions, allergies, canker sores, oral herpes simplex virus, tuberculosis, or an immune disorder.

the bumps are sugar bumps. its when you at too much sugar.

Foods that you are allergic to can cause bumps to appear on your tongue.

brush your teeth.... haha jk umm scratch it off or use mouth wash.

well you might wanna ask your dentist but don't itch the bumps it will hurt a lot

You can rinse your mouth with warm salt water or listerine (other mouth was doesn't work as well).

could be an infection coming and a sign of the first stage of a cold coming

Well im not for sure but i think you're talking about taste buds..?

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