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Most of us go through periods of loneliness and it's quite normal. You could join a club (gym club for instance) volunteer for something so you are out meeting new people, go out with friends, etc. It sounds like you are more depressed than anything else. It wouldn't hurt to get a "tune up" (I do) every so often with a psychologist just to be sure you are balancing your life well. If you are looking for a mate there are some great dating services out there, but do your research on them and be sure they are reputable places and they have a "safety first" policy. As much as we enjoy the safety of our homes (be it an apartment, rental suite, or house) we must force ourselves out into society a degree at a time because basically, we do need other people in our lives. Good luck Chin up! Marcy

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Q: How do you get rid of severe loneliness?
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you might have depression get help.

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