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How do you get rid of speed governor on 93 prelude with jdm h22a engine?


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2011-01-17 13:39:49
2011-01-17 13:39:49

I have a 93 prelude, its the jdm h23a1, but theres a plastic peice under the gas pedal... its simple to remove, one screw on the top, and the bottom... it doesent make a huge difference when you take it off... you can jus floor it more

this dude doesnt know what hes talking about clearly, first of all, there is no jdm h23a1 h23a1 is usdm, the only jdm h23 is the h23a which is dohc vtec

speed governer is all ecu based in these sitations bro ud need to get somebody to edit your ecu settings or get a s300 and a hondata hookup


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how to make base prelude h22a engine on type sh 5 speed trans ^^^??? to answer the question. yes a sh transmission with "atts" unit will fit a base prelude (if a h22 motor is used) is it worth it? absolutely not

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This conversion is to put a h22a engine from the 4-5 generation Preludes to the 3rd generatio Prelude, this conversion is very much so do-able, but. Their are issues with clearance of the sump of the h22a in the 89 Prelude. New engine mounts need to be used, new ECU needs to be installs aswell. Also you will have to use the gearbox from the h22a. Can't use the old gearbox in your 89 Prelude. It's a big job but there are plenty of examples of great Preludes sporting the newer engines.

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Provided they both share an h22a or f22a engine they should be a perfect match!

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Yes. The H22a and H23a motors can interchange transmissions.

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