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I have a 93 prelude, its the jdm h23a1, but theres a plastic peice under the gas pedal... its simple to remove, one screw on the top, and the bottom... it doesent make a huge difference when you take it off... you can jus floor it more

this dude doesnt know what hes talking about clearly, first of all, there is no jdm h23a1 h23a1 is usdm, the only jdm h23 is the h23a which is dohc vtec

speed governer is all ecu based in these sitations bro ud need to get somebody to edit your ecu settings or get a s300 and a hondata hookup

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Q: How do you get rid of speed governor on 93 prelude with jdm h22a engine?
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Will a prelude type sh transmission fit in base prelude car both are h22a?

how to make base prelude h22a engine on type sh 5 speed trans ^^^??? to answer the question. yes a sh transmission with "atts" unit will fit a base prelude (if a h22 motor is used) is it worth it? absolutely not

Does a Honda prelude 1996 automatic transmission fit into a 1999 prelude engine?

Provided they both share an h22a or f22a engine they should be a perfect match!

What is the best and cheapest motor for a 1995 Honda Prelude?

H22A Honda engine it ready for a turbo

Will a 92 prelude engine fit in your 89 prelude and bolt up to the old five speed transmission?

This conversion is to put a h22a engine from the 4-5 generation Preludes to the 3rd generatio Prelude, this conversion is very much so do-able, but. Their are issues with clearance of the sump of the h22a in the 89 Prelude. New engine mounts need to be used, new ECU needs to be installs aswell. Also you will have to use the gearbox from the h22a. Can't use the old gearbox in your 89 Prelude. It's a big job but there are plenty of examples of great Preludes sporting the newer engines.

Does a 2.2 transmission on a 1993 Honda Prelude fit a 2.3 engine on a Honda Prelude?

Yes. The H22a and H23a motors can interchange transmissions.

Can you swap a '97 Prelude H22a with a '93 Prelude H22a?

Provided the '97 Prelude is a base model, then yes it is possible to swap in an H22a variant. The Prelude Type SH motor is different as the ATTS unit is connected to the motor. So, the only compatible H22a motors would be one from another Type SH, or the JDM Honda Prelude Type S motor.

What kind of engine swap can you do in a 1993 civic Si?

to answer your question is has endless possibiltys but i would say the best is h22a prelude engine

What are the RPM in a Honda Prelude?

Max rpm / redline (often they are actually different) is not based on the car but on the engine. Prelude S (F22A1 engine) max rpm: 6250-ish Prelude VTEC (H22A engine) Redline: 7200/7600 rpm Max rpm: 7400/8000 rpm Preludes from 92- were delivered with the following engine options F20A, F22A, H23A, H22A.

How many horses does the h22a engine have?


Well a vtech motor from 97 Honda prelude fit regtrany from 2000 Honda civic?

The 97 Honda Prelude motor (h22a) will fit into a 2000 civic with custom mounts (available to purchase online), however you will need the h22a transmission, shift-linkage, axles, and ecu (full swap). The h22a motor will not work with the stock d-series transmission.

Will a 1995 Honda Accord vtec engine fit into a 1996 Honda prelude?

Yes, it will fit with some minor modification. Other popular swaps are the h22a1, h22a4, h22a and h23.

What is the horsepower in a JDM H22A engine?

The horsepower in a Honda JDM H22A engine is between 185 and 220. This is the type of engine used in Honda cars that is often used in popular street racing.

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