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How do you get rid of spring tails inside the house?


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spring tailsSpring tails is a general term for about 14 different insects. They live in great numbers, are attracted to wet spaces because they feed on mold and mildew. I read this on an exterminators website. The advice is to remove the source of moisture, dry the area with fans.

My question: What insecticide to use to kill them?

Answer:Any over the counter insecticide for general pest control will work. However, it is always better to address the problem on the outside of your home than on the inside.

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You need to figure out where they are coming from and then going into your house at. If they have moled a hole into your walls, they might have all sorts of nests inside between your outer walls and your plasterboard and studs.For more informatiomatio visit at pestex.ca

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