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How do you get rid of squirrels in the soffit?


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THIS is the BEST and works IMMEDIATELY!!

The squirrels' natural enemy is the fox. Hunters use fox urine to disguise their scent. Buy bottled fox urine at a store that sells hunting paraphanalia. Wear some rubber gloves and soak some cotton balls with fox pee. Place the soaked cotton balls in your attic and wherever the squirrels hang out. They will get eerily quiet so as not to alert the "fox" to their whereabouts and get out of there as fast as they can! Wait a few days to be sure they're really gone and seal up any possible entry points.

Trap the squirrels and then plug all the holes they are using to gain access to the sofffit and you attic. Don't poison them, unless you have too, or you will have to deal with an odor for some time.

I just had "the war on" with a family of squirrels this past summer. Little stinkers were everywhere. There are only 2 ways to get rid of them ... get a pest exterminator in or buy or rent a couple of cages (put in a small ball of peanut butter) trap them and relocate them out in the country or at least several miles from where you live. Since I am such a softy, I made my poor hubby use the cage method and we caught the whole family of 8 squirrels, plus one rat! Ugh! All were happily relocated and we are squirrel free. Then check the exterior of your house very carefully and fill in any holes you might find. Squirrels can chew through mesh very easily. Also, if anyone in your home is feeding them ask them to stop! Squirrels know a good thing when they see it. If you have cat or dog food outside, feed your pet inside. Pet food attracts raccoons, rats and squirrels. Also, if you have a bird feeder close by, move it somewhere away from the house (as far away as you can get it.)

When you relocate squirrels, make sure you bring them seven or eight miles away and travel a zig zag path or else they can find their way back. Before relocating them, you may want to mark them with just a tiny dot of paint so that, if you see squirrels again, you will know whether they are new ones or the ones you relocated.

The real answer is to use Victor rat traps and bait them with peanut butter ... I've caught 23 so far and am doing the community a favor by getting rid of the destructive squirrels and am eating them too... delicious and nutritious !!! ... bob walters richmond,va 7/27/2009

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Well, if they were in my shed I would shoot em.

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People usually don't keep squirrels in their attics - the squirrels usually get inside without them knowing the animals are there. Squirrels in an attic can be very harmful - they tear up things and leave droppings and urine and can cause disease. You should let your neighbors know that they need to call animal control to get rid of the squirrels.

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8 pieces make a square for vinyl soffit. I install it and I know. 12" x 12' piece.

use fox urine or some scent of a natural predator. This will keep them out of the area

No, but they all should have.

Soffit vents are types of small vents that allow air flow through spaces under roof overhangs. They can be typically used to keep attics cool.

Get a dog. Or a neighbors dog to get the scent or let it poop or pee to mark its territory.

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them is the trim the trees they are using to climb up there. They can jump about 4 feet so you have to cut them back or trim them shorter then the roof line.

Strobe lights may scare the squirrels out of the attic, but I personally have never try it. I say you should give it a go. Good luck! I have had a lot of success evicting squirrels with the Evictor High Intensity Strobe Lights. It seems that the strobes do not scare the squirrels, but instead annoys them so much they voluntarily leave the attic.

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