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How do you get rid of sweat bees?

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Soak the area wher they are burrowing with a one ounce per gallon of water solution of malathion, which can be found at the home and garden stores. This mixture is not toxic enough to hurt a child or pet and will degrade from weather and UV sunlight in a short while, so as to not persist in the environment...don't allow this to drift into your koi pond, however, because it will kill aquatic life before it degrades.

2007-04-24 05:56:06
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Q: How do you get rid of sweat bees?
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How do you get rid of sweat bees around your swimming pool?

move your swimming pool

Do honey bees sweat?

No, bees do not sweat.

Are sweat bees poisonous?

Sweat bees, just like other bees do sting and can cause reactions in people with allergies. Sweat bees refer to various types of bees that are attracted to human sweat.

What are very small bees that swarm around the surface of a sand box and how do you get rid of them?

*I don't know the technical name for them, but I have heard them called sweat bees. *To get rid of them you will have to use fire. They are scared of heat.

What are sweat bees?

Sweat bees is one species of bees out of 20,000. They are the most common types of bees in the Northern Hemisphere. They are attracted to the sweat that humans produce.

Do sweat bees live after they sing someone?

sweat bees do not have the ability to sing

Can you get rid of a sweat bee bite?

bees do not bite they sting and they can only sting 1 time after they sting they die.

How do you repel sweat bees?

don't sweat

Do bumble bees sweat?

No, they don't sweat.

Why should sweat be rid of?

why should sweat be rid of?

Do bees sweat?


Are fruit bees real?

yes they are called sweat bees

Sweat bee repellent?

Sweat bees are attracted to the salt in human scent. Anything that covers the smell of perspiration will help keep sweat bees away.

Will coke work to get rid of Bees?

no coke will not get rid of bees it will only attract them

Are sweat bees and honey bees the same?

No. Honey bees (Apis Meliferra) are a different species.

Can sweat bees bite?

Heck yes! They bite.. we have sweat bees all in our swimming pool... they hurt.. and are one of the problems of summer:(

What does sweat help get rid of?

sweat can get rid of body heat, unwanted oils, and dirt on the skin. :)

Can bees be green?

Yes...metalic green bees a kind of sweat bee

How do you get rid of bees in a dryer vent?

You can purchase Raid or other chemicals to get rid of bees in a dryer vent. You can also call a pest control company to come out and get rid of the bees.

How does the skin get rid of sweat?

Sweat is excreted through the sweat glands in the skin

What predators eat sweat bees?

the abc's

Do sweat bees die after they sting?


Where do sweat bees nest or burrow?

in wood

Is there a repellent for Sweat Bees?

Yes there are different repellents available in market that can be used to get secure from the Sweat bees. You can find those online very easily.

How can you get rid of bees in a dead stump?

There are sprays that can be used to get rid of bees in a stump. Bees can be dangerous. You may want to call a professional so that you do not get hurt.