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These "fat" folds we are talking about that form in the area between the breasts and the armpits are typically NOT fat. It is actually breast tissue.

The medical term for it is Accessory axillary breast tissue. About 1 out of every 100 women have this.

For some, it is less obvious and causes no physical or emotional issues. For others, it can be unsightly leading to self-consciousness and it can also be physically debilitating causing pain and complications.

I had mine removed just a few weesk ago. My insurance covered the procedure. Incisions were made and the extra breast tissue was removed. I did not need Liposuction as liposuction is for fat and this was breast tissue. Some women may want liposuction as well to further contour the area. This is something to discuss with your surgeon.

Let me emphasize that this medical issue does not have anything to do with fat or being overweight. Women who are thin with small breasts can have this problem as well. I am of average size and I have had this extra breast tissue since puberty. In my twenties, they have continued to grow just as my breasts continued to grow. I've been told and read that during pregnancy they can often cause complications for some women and may even start to produce milk. This is why the removal of this tissue is typically covered by insurance and not considered cosmetic.

Please look up Accessory axillary breast tissue and you will find lots of info. You can not get rid of this tissue simply by diet and exercise. Firming and losing weight may slightly decrease the appearance of this tissue but it will not get rid of it or make a drastic difference. Surgery is the only option. It is outpatient and not very painful at all.Some doctors may not have heard of this condition and will tell you that it is fat. You will need to speak with a plastic surgeon and/or a Doctor Who specializes in breasts (yes, they exist). Or..... All the information above is true but If you are in fact over weight then I do recommended trying to eat healthy and exercise, surgery might not be the only option, an over all body fat loss can in fact get rid of that breast tissue and breat tissue is fat.. Also be carful who you talk to about this problem listen too your doctors or breast specialist. Plastic surgeons may tell you things to take your money surgery might not be the only answer for everyone.

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Q: How do you get rid of the fat between your armpit and chest?
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