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dont! amphibians are quickly going extinct across the world. they do not harm anything and probably eat bugs and Spiders in your basement. plus they are cute

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How do you get rid of salamanders in your yard?

Salamanders thrive in moist and cool places. To get rid of salamanders, you need to get rid of what they like. Remove or cover pools and puddles, git rid of rocks, and destroy / scatter piles of grass.

How do you get rid of salamanders in your house?

get it out of the house

How do you get rid of salamanders around your home?

Why would you want to get rid of salamanders ? Salamanders are harmless and shouldn't cause you any trouble . In fact they make great pets. I think they're really cool.

Can you find salamanders in winter?

Just found one crawling in the basement

How do salamanders get rid of their waste?

I believe it's in the water dish

How do get rid of skunk smell in your basement?

A SKUNK WAS IN YOUR BASEMENT????Idk, maybe air freshiner?Rent an ozone generator.

How do you get rid of the smell of sewage in your basement after a flood?

replace it or shampoo it

How do you get rid of humidity in the basement?

A large dehumidifier works wonders.

How do you get rid of newts and salamanders?

Newts and salamanders don't do any harm and in many places they are protected species because their numbers have been drastically reduced in recent decades.

How do I prevent mold in basement?

Keep the basement clean and get rid of moisture.

Does anyone have a big snake that wants to eat you?

I do. It is in my basement and I can't get rid of it.

How can one get rid of mice in a basement?

A person can get rid of mice in a basement by setting up discreet yet effective mouse traps. Also, take care not to create a comfortable environment for mice to breed in your home.

Why is my basement so wet feeling and how do I get rid of it?

Basement may be so wet feeling due to the humidity and unsealed area in the basement. You can get rid of the wet feeling by sealing up any holes with concrete and keep the room well conditioned by an air conditioner to keep cool and from feeling wet.

If daddy long leg spiders are in basement should you get rid of them or will they eat other spiders or bugs?

actually in your basement there is no daddy long leg spiders the spiders in your basement are called cellar spiders they don't eat other bugs they just make webs and will sit there undisturbed for many days so you should get rid of them unless you want spiders in your basement. Hope this helped

How do you get rid of spiders in basement and living areas?

spray them with deoderant and they shrivel up nicely

How do you get rid of bees ON the wall in your basement?

There is probably a hive nearby. Your best bet is to hire an exterminator. Most bees are africanized, and can be vicious when disturbed, and you have limited protection in a basement.

How do you get rid of ground beetles in your basement?

Ground beetles are often found in basements because they like the dampness. To get rid of them, you can purchase cedar oil and spray them with it.

A sentence with the word 'rid'?

We're having a yard sale to get rid of all the junk we have in the basement.How can we rid the world of war and hatred?In the rainy season we don't get rid of mosquitoes.Dad has tried everything to get rid of the squirrels in his garden.Once we had lice in our home, it was extremely difficult to get rid of it.

If water is left in a basement for two months will it create mold?

I would have to say probably. I would get rid of the water in your basement just to make sure. If you do leave the water in the basement and it creates mold it may cost a fortune to fix

How can you get rid of musty basement smell?

Buy a dehumidifier. Rent an ozone generator. Info on my site.

How does the narrator get rid of the Book of Sand at the end of the story?

He hides it in a basement bookshelf in the National Library.

How do salamanders give birth?

how do born salamanders come out adult salamanders

How do you get rid of salamanders?

set traps or just kill them. don't they help us by decreasing the number of insects and they probably going to be extinct.

What is the collective noun for a group of salamanders?

A group of Salamanders is called a "band" of Salamanders.

What are small salamanders called?

salamanders If you mean a salamanders young, they are called larve.

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