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Those pesky kids! Or maybe you should pack a different lunch?

Seriously though, buy some Febreze for a start --a product that helps remove odors from fabric. You just spray it on.

For further details:

I owned a detailing business and we got this questions all the time. Not exactly about eggs, but this method we used for cigarette smoke and other unpleasent odors in the vehicle. It would also work for some smells in the air conditioning system.

Take a new can of coffee grinds, if it is a big vehicles you will need two of them (Chevy Suburban, Ford Excursion). Open the can of coffee and then place it in the center of the interior of the vehicle, the arm rest or in the middle of the floor in the back seat. Next take an apple and cut it in half. Take one half of the apple and bury it in the coffee so that the apple is covered by the coffee. Close the doors and the wondows and leave it over night, in the morning the interior of the car will smell like coffee but that's better than something nasty.

It sounds crazy but trust me, it works.

When I was in the Army I had a Jeep that smelled like rotten eggs, after checking the Jeep the battery was out of water, that is where the smell was coming from, add water smell was gone

I would check your battery. I had that happen where it smelt like rotten eggs. I had a bad battery cell. It could be very hazardous.

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Q: How do you get rid of the smell of eggs from the inside of your car?
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If the smell of a VW Jetta is bad then there is a possibility of mold inside the vehicle. Water damage can cause bad smell. There can also be a chance of an animal crawling inside and dying. Check the vehicle thoroughly and clean with interior cleaners to rid the car of a smell.

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That happened to me I lit a match, chucked it in and hoped for the best.... :D(ended up calling fire brigade)B. The gas smell will eventually leave the inside of the car if you leave the windows down. I've added a related link to a webpage with a lot of recipes that will help you get rid of the gas smell and make the inside of your car smell better.

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How do you get rid of dog urine smell in the yard?

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