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I had the virus i-worm/netsky.b and after running AVG antivirus several times I decided to pay a visit and found virus removal utilities. I downloaded the removal tool for i-worm/netsky.b. which removed the problem with ease.

I actually had a problem with a different virus and AVG would not remove the virus with its built in virus scan; I, however, did find an alternative (for Netsky viruses as well) given by grisoft/AVG at the following URL:

I would suggest following the URL's instructions to the letter. If you do, you can then run AVG's Scanning Software and the Virus will have disappeared.

This removed the other virus for me and it is also supposed to work for the netsky viruses as well.

    • Be careful opening your emails especially from email addresses you do not recognize. I would suggest scanning them first or signing up with an email service that scans them for you. I keep getting sent the Netsky virus over and over again to one of my accounts but it is detected and cleaned before being sent to me, fortunately. I suspect that someone has me as a contact and has gotten a hold of their email list and started sending me email supposedly from these other valid email addresses. I do not expect this to clear up until that person, realizes they have the netsky virus and "cleans" their computer.

Good Luck!

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Q: How do you get rid of the virus I-worm netsky b?
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