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== == It may have something to do with your diet. greasy foods will not help. Scratching your face with your fingernails may cause dirt build up under the pores. Wash hands and face more frequently. Use a face cleaner. It could be heat rash

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โˆ™ 2007-12-22 06:35:05
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Q: How do you get rid of tiny non-pus filled small bumps that appear only on the forehead and cheeks that don't look like normal acne bumps?
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What would cause large fluid filled lumps to appear on forehead?

I think it's just a bruise

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How do you remove pimples from forehead and cheeks?

The best way to remove pimples from foreheads and cheeks is to steam face over a bowl of hot water and then wash gently. Keeping the face washed twice a day will help eliminate pimples.

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To make your face appear less ovular, apply blush in a circular motion to just the apples of your cheeks.

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My face is not clear i my small bumps on my forehead and cheeks and red spots too What do I do?

You can use acne products such as Pro-Active to help clear up the bumps on your face.

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Whitish patches can appear on the tongue, inside of the cheeks, or the palate.

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Don't do it! I did it and now my forehead is all swollen and filled with puss. Turns out its a side effect!

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To apply powder bronzer to your face, brush it on with a soft brush wherever the sun would naturally hit your face. Like you cheeks, temples, nose, and forehead.

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