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How do you get rid of toenail fungus?

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2017-07-20 23:33:09

Mix tea oil with henna and put it on affected areas.


Toenail fungus can actually be very difficult to treat. Since

the fungus lives under the toenail, it is hard to get to it. The

best treatment will actually depend on how severe the infection is

and what kind of medicines you prefer to take. If you catch it

early, there are some very good topical treatments you can use.

Some are all natural and some have active ingredients. If the

infection is severe and nothing else is working, you should talk to

your doctor. The prescription pills have some very extreme side

effects, so I would only use those as a last option.

The web site below has a lot more information. There is also a

link at the bottom to go to a review of 2 products you can start

with at home.

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