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Buy a spud pistol and shoot them. This is the best way. I am going to do this myself. Shooting at them annoys them and this puts them off. Continuous sniping at them for many years leads them to learn to stay away. But lizards being slow learners, this may take time. If any one knows a better and faster method, please let me know. Leave empty egg shells around. Lizards hate them. Try Placing peacock feathers here and there other than decorating the place it gets those creeps out.its a god gift for people like me.

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โˆ™ 2015-04-21 07:33:21
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Q: How do you get rid of wall lizards?
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Is there a poison to get rid of lizards?

How to get rid of poison lizards

Are wall lizards poisonous or dangerous?

wall lizards are not poisonous or dangerous

How do you get rid of blue headed lizards from my roof tiles?

I have lizards in the tiles on my roof. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

What do common wall lizards eat?

Common wall lizards eat flies and incests mostly.

How can you get rid of lizards?

avoid it

Where do wall lizards live?

on walls

How do you get rid of frogs and lizards?

Chicken or Bull Snakes

How do you get rid of albino lizards?

Throw a meat out theirto get it out

Why do lizards stick on the walls?

Some lizards stick to wall because of special suction cups on their feet.

How do you get rid of curly tail lizards?

BB Gun, have fun with it.

Are wall lizards mammals?

no all are not, some of these are mamal

Why do lizards crawl on wall?

so they don't eatend by pretetors

How does wasp and hornet spray kill lizards?

There is an ingredient in the spray that dissolves the lizard automatically. Another way to get rid of lizards is a cat.

What do wall lizard's eat?

Toe nailsWall lizards eat mainly flies and crawling insects.

What keeps lizards away?

Cats will keep lizards away by disposing of every lizard they see, just as they do with mice. Before you get rid of your lizards, however, remember that they keep insects away.

Can lizards lay one egg?

lizards are a mith and do not actually exist, they are just like the great wall of china which is supposedly one of the wonders of the world but im Chinese and i don't see no wall.

How do lizards crawl on the wall?

they have this weird chemical type thing on their feet

How do you get rid of small backyard lizards?

You don't ! They eat roaches and crickets. Leave them alone.

Why lizards are able to move on wall not human beings?

Because they worship Satan

Why can lizards crawl on ceiling and wall?

It depends on the type of lizard, if the lizard is large in its size it is less likely to climb on to the wall or ceiling.

How do you get rid of wasps in the wall?

Dust insecticide in the wall void to coat int. surfaces.

How do you get rid of lizards at our home?

Make sure no small entrance holes are available for them..Most lizards eat insects, and are harmless, so if they are on the outside, just leave them alone.

How do you get rid of blue tailed lizards?

Use a red dye to change it to Red tailed lizard

How does lizards climb walls or celing?

They have suction cups on their legs. So they stick to the wall when they climb

How can lizards climb up the wall without falling down?

Well....lizards have these tiny hairs on their hands that stick to almost anything.But, they have hundreds of hairs on their hands and feet, more than we do!Studies say that electronic gloves are being produced to allow humans to climb a wall.But...think of the price of the gloves and where you will get it if almost everybody will want one?lizards are able to adhere to the wall because their feet function like suction pads