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You could try a lower fat or lower carb diet and go "overboard" on cardio (one to two hours a day). Spot training or just trying to work your love handles will not work. The last resort would be lipo. ~ T Answer yes it is possible...but you would have to work twice as hard as someone whos love handles werent genetic.if you try u can really reach your goal!

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you can’t

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Q: How do you get rid of your love handles if they are genetic?
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Why do you get love handles?

Love handles are from excess weight. Your genetic code which is the instructions for your body determine where this excess weight is stored.

What is the best way to get rid of love handles?


Can you get rid of love handles by sweating?

noo! u can get rid of love handles by exercising and eating healthy! don't go to far some guys like them to hold on too!((: their attractive!

Is skipping good for getting rid of love handles?

Skipping actually is quite good for getting rid of love handles. This is because it is exercise and all exercise is good for losing extra pounds.

What do you eat to get rid of love handles?

Fibre, Milk, Protein and other natural organic foods like fish, fresh vegetable are best for getting rid of love handles. We provide best solutions and diet plans to lose love handles. For details check our website.

How do you get rid of love handles in a day?

Liposuction, although it would take at least a few days.

How long does it take to get rid of love handles?

It depends on ow much you weigh and how much you are exercising.

Does getting a six pack help you get rid of love handles?

A six pack are just the muscles that are located in your abdominal area. By getting a six pack, you are in essesnce getting rid of the fat that is covering your six pack (i.e. love handles) and once you eliminate the fat, you will be able to see the six pack. So yes, in order to get a six pack, you will have to work off the love handles

How do you get rid of love handles if you are doing your ab workouts religiously?

try doing side to side crunches

What exercises get rid of love handles?

Love handles aren't a muscle so anything that burns fat. Along similiar lines, building muscle increases your metabolism which in turn helps your body burn fat.

Can you get rid of your love handles by walking?

Any exercise will help. But if you watch your calories and do some weight training w/cardio you will loose the love handles. Remember the weight didn't come on over night, be patient w/yourself.

If you do enough dieting and walking exercises will you eventually rid yourself of your love handles?

Love handles are fat reserves. Reducing your caloric intake and increasing your activity should cause your body to tap its fat reserves. Just keep at it and be patient.

How do you burn off love handles?

Short of having lipsuction there's no way to do targeted dieting. Getting rid of love handles would require losing body fat all over, as with any dieting/weight loss scheme.

What is the best exercise DVD to get rid of love handles?

Try Insanity with Jiliian Michaels 6 week 6 pack

How to loose the love handles?

A person can lose love handles by dieting and exercise.

Why are 'love handles' called love handle?

maybe because when people are in relationships/ in love (love) the two people like to hang on to each other there(handles), (therefore lovehandles)

What type of handles cannot be held?


Why are love handles called LOVE handles?

ok, when your having intercourse with a man and a women, the man will grab onto the womens hips. They are " making love" therefor they are called "love handles".......there is more answers...:)

What are handles made of?

Handles in a car are made of plastic........ Love Handles are made cellulite

Why does someone still have love handles when close to underweight and how to rid them?

Probably has to do with how they lost the weight, you cannot just diet, you have to do strength training along with aerobic. You can get rid of them by eating more protein and working more with muscles than with getting rid of fat.

How do you get rid of mid section fat mainly love handles if you already have a health body fat percentage?

by working on the abs with lots of sit-ups.

How do you slim your love handles?

To slim or burn off your love handles you have to burn them off with proper diet and exercise and do certain toning exercises for your love handles Dieting and exercising means eating the right amount of calories and finding a fun a fun weight loss activity - Many weight loss programs can be found at Toning exercises like side bends, Russian twist do help but 80-90% of slimming or getting rid of your love handles is due to proper diet and exercise

How can one get rid of love handles?

Love handles are more accurately known as obliques. In order to burn the outer layer of fat that covers the obliques, a high intensity aerobic workout is necessary. There are additional exercises that will help target the obliques:leg flutters,twist crunches, and standing trunk twists.

How do you get rid of love handles without getting skinnier?

Spot exercises won't work. I'm not one to recommend surgery but liposuction sounds like an option.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love Handles - 1996?

The cast of Love Handles - 1996 includes: Stu Jeffries as Host

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