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How do you get rid or treat of Keratosis Pilaris?

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2010-08-14 05:02:50


I have that also, you can't get rid of it because it's inherited

but if your use coconut oil it smooths your legs and makes it feel


Another answer

I have that and there is no cure. warm baths and lotion helps

make it not as noticeable but unfortunately it will always be

there. Its fun to scare people with though.

Another answer

Ok, so I have KP and I don't like it obvious. I'm a 13 year old

girl and its so hard to be a girly-girl when you have all this

stuff on you. Its on the upper parts of my arms and I cant wear

short sleeve shirts or cute tank tops. I think I will try the

coconut oil stuff but I was wondering when you wear short sleeve

shirts, do people usually notice it on you or not? I am 14 and have

KP and I wear short sleeve shirts and tank tops all of the time!

Not very many people notice it and I have it all over my arms and

legs. When people do notice it they ask what it is and I just say I

have a skin disease but its not contagious and the person just says

oh and doesn't think anything of it. I know what you mean though.

It is very annoying.

Another answer

I am 13 also and I HATE my KP Even on little 5 year old kid

asked me once why I had a red rash on my arms. It is awful. BUT...

I have been daily moisturizing with Hemp lotion and coconut oil for

about a week now and guess what??? The redness and bumps are

starting to fade in a lot of areas! If it keeps improving like

this, maybe I can wear those camis I bought forever ago! I'm a

little of a tomboy, but that makes no difference, every girl wants

smooth, beautiful arms! Grrr, Jennifer Richards makes me mad. On

Living she talks about this wonderful break-through

she's had about studying KP and how to get rid of it. "It can be

all yours for only $47!"Yeah right. Most 13 year-olds don't

have twenty in their pocket! If she really cared about all our poor

selves she would let us in on a little more. Anyway, even if it may

not work for you, Hemp Lotion (find it at most frug stores) and

coconut oil (found at most drug stores and grocery stores) can't

hurt you, and it is definitely worth a shot!

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