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How do you get scratches out of glass and Plexiglas?

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They are Janvil. Their site is . They have glass scratch removers for glass scratches and plastic polish

2009-01-31 04:33:08
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How do you tell the difference between plexiglas and glass?

Plexiglas weighs less

What type of glass is used in airplanes?

The type of glass most commonly used is Plexiglas which is an acrylic polymer. Another type used as an alternative to Plexiglas is polycarbonate.

Is plexiglas recyclable?

Yes, not only is Plexiglas completely recyclable, it is also extremely durable. This type of glass is not recycled with standard glass but can be taken to most recycling centers.

What is the function of plexiglas?

Plexiglass can be used in place of glass. It is durable and clear just as glass. You can find plexiglass in varying thicknesses.

What damage could an 85 mph slapshot do to a pain of glass?

If it is regular glass then it will probably shatter it. If it is Plexiglas or another form of reinforced glass it may not shatter it.

What kind of markings does a glass frog have?


Is 'Plexiglas' stronger than plastic?

"Plexiglas" (acrylic resin) is a "plastic".

Is the part above the wood on an NHL hockey rink made of glass or plastic?

There are two types of glass:Tempered glass - The sides of the rink (as well as the team benches and penalty boxes) are lined with seamless, tempered glass.Tempering is an annealing process, involving successive heating and cooling, and makes glass harder and less brittle.Plexiglas - The ends of the rink are lined with Plexiglas -- acrylic plastic sheets.The Plexiglas sheets are fitted together with supports that are mounted on the outside edge of the boards, so they don't interfere with play.Source:

What elements of glass means that it is not perfect for making windows?

Glass can break easily, and can get marks and scratches

Is scratches glass of physical property?

yes it is is a physical property

Which is better glass or polycarbonate?

Depends on the application. Glass can shatter, but is more resistant to scratches. Polycarbonate is lighter, doesn't shatter or crack easily, but has a fairly soft surface that scratches easily.

Can you use toothpaste to remove scratches from watch glass face?

Toothpaste is better used to remove scratches from a CD or DVD disk,, for a glass watch,I would a special polish's for glass. First try a auto parts store.

What type of glue do you use to glue plexiglas?

Plexiglas has it's own special glues. Available where you buy plexiglas.

How can a genuine diamond be identified without the use of tools?

scratch it against glass if the glass scratches its diamond

What glue do you use to glue marble to plexi glass?

Almost any epoxy cement or silicone will glue marble to plexiglas.

What is the name of the product that takes away scratches from glasses?

Glass Clean

What is the hardness of an unknown mineral that scratches glass but will not scratch quartz?


What are items on the mohs scale?

if is scratched by fingernail is a1 if scratched by acoin is a 3 if scratches a glass a 5 if easily by a knife a 7 if knife Barely scratches a 9 if scratches a knife a 10

Will a Window tint hide scratches?

scratches on glass appear to be sort of white, so when you tint your windows dark the white shows up even more, so no window tint will not hide scratches.

Is my glass cup that is full of scratches dangerous to use?

No, it is perfectly safe! Unless your glass breaks then your F****D basically!

What thing can scratch topaz?

a peice of glass scratches topaz maia Davis

How has the basketball court changed?

Slightly taller rims I believe, and Plexiglas backboards as opposed to regular glass, which ran the risk of being broken.

What is a Plexiglas box?

A plexiglas box is a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic container.

How to remove Glass scratches?

I found a company that makes a few different products for glass and Plastic. They are Janvil. Their site is htp://

A crystal scratches glass does that mean it is a diamond?

You can verify a diamond by taking it to a jeweler, who can verify which stone you're using to scratch glass.