How do you get shader model 2?

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As far as my knowledge goes, a shader model (eg 2.0) is only obtainable with the purchase of a GPU (video card) with it already. The newer GPU's have shader model 3.0, so your 2.0 games shouldn't have any problems with that. Although, some of the much earlier versions of GPU's already have shader model 2.0. So unless your card is more than 5 years old, assuming you bought a new one, it should work. I know for a fact that the GeForce 5700 has it, as that was one of my first. I don't recommend it now unless you don't really care about new games. If you do, in fact, have shader model 2.0 on your GPU but it doesn't work, try enabling it in the game or application you're trying to run. Otherwise, see the adaptors properties. It is highly unlikely that the shader on your card will be the only thing not working. If your unsure if yours has it or not, you can always check out the manufacturers website. It usually says it right on the box which you purchased it in as well. I hope that helps.

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Q: How do you get shader model 2?
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Where can I get Shader Model 2?

at your local computer shop

Where can you get a free shader 2 model update?

Update to the latest version of DirectX.However:Unless your video card currently supports Shader Model 2, on the hardware level, the video card will not be able to process Shader Model 2's instructions.You will need to use a Shader model 2 capable card, this is a card which accelerates DirectX 9.0A.(nVidia started with Shader Model 2 cards with its 5000 series and above)(ATI Started with its SM2 cards with their Radeon 9000 series)

What shader model will support nvidia 8400 gs?

It supports Shader Model 3.0.

Where can you get shader model 1.4 download?

you cant download shader model. It is the compatibility of your graphics card

How do you check shader model of PC?

if you have Dx ver-10 you should have shader model 3

How you increase shader model?

You buy a new video card with a higher shader model then the one you have you can update that shader is determinant by your gpu and video ram

Where do you get a directx shader model 1.1?

search at google ;) or maybe Walmart for a direct x shader model 1.1

Where would you get pixel shader?

you must have graphics card that supports shader model

How do you download shader model 2?

1Shader model 2 is a feature on a graphics card ,either the graphics card supports it or it doesnt.2There are some games that have mods like shader model 2,like a patch really, also in this case the GPU must support it.

How do you download shader model 2.0 for farming simulator 2011?

Unfortunately shader model 2.0 is no longer available for download.

How do you know if you have shader model 3.0?

Since the release of DirectX 8.0 graphics cards have used programs/instructions known as Shader Models to help interpret instructions on how to render graphics sent from the CPU to the graphic card. Many games are increasingly listing Shader Model versions in their system requirements.However these shader versions are tied to the version of DirectX that you have installed on your PC which is then in turn tied to your graphics card. This can make it difficult to determine if your system can handle a certain shader model or not.To determine the version of DirectX you have running:1. Click on the Start menu, then "Run".2. In the "Run" box type "dxdiag" (without the quotes) and click "Ok". This will open up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.3. In the System tab, listed under the "System Information" heading you should see a "DirectX Version" listed.4. Match your DirectX version with the Shader version listed below.Once you've determined the version of DirectX running on your PC you can use the below chart to determine what Shader Model version is supported.Please note DirectX versions prior to DirectX 8.0 do not support shader models• DirectX 8.0 - Shader Model 1.0 & 1.1• DirectX 8.0a - Shader Model 1.3• DirectX 8.1 - Shader Model 1.4• DirectX 9.0 - Shader Model 2.0• DirectX 9.0a - Shader Model 2.0a• DirectX 9.0b - Shader Model 2.0b• DirectX 9.0c - Shader Model 3.0• DirectX 10.0* - Shader Model 4.0• DirectX 10.1* - Shader Model 4.1• DirectX 11.0* - Shader Model 5.0*DirectX 10.0 and higher will not run in Windows XPOne recommendation prior to installing a newer version of DirectX is to ensure that your graphics card supports that version of DirectX.

Is ATI Radeon X850xt compatible with shader model 3.0?

No, the ATI Radeon x850xt is not compatible with shader model 3.0, only with 2.0.

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