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How do you get skull poo in pet society?

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When your pet is 99% happy, 99% healthy and under 50% hygine it should poo.

How to get rainbow poo:Get 50 of the normal poo.How? Don't bathe your pet but keep ithappy and healthy. Keep feeding thepet cheese.Then, the 51th poo sould be rainbow poo!How to get rainbow poo:Get 50 of the normal poo.How? Don't bathe your pet but keep ithappy and healthy. Keep feeding thepet cheese.Then, the 51th poo sould be rainbow poo!ok but if you do this make sure your baby sitting bot is turned off or you will loose all your money cause it happened to me :(

You can't get a cheat for rainbow poo for pet society. There used to be a engine, that you could download, that would make it so you would poo rainbow poo, but it doesn't work now. The creators of play-fish, are trying to make it fair for other players. And I heard you can get banned for the engine now. -sorry

To get your pet dirty on pet society, I suggest racing a lot to make it sweat, therefore, get dirtier. If you're trying to make it poo, You have to keep the health and happiness high. That can be a bit hard.

keep your pet health and happiness 100% but let hygiene 0%. wait for a while and you'll get a poo, if u lucky u'll golden poo which some people will trade for a crazy items. good luck!

pake cheats engines 5,5 atau 5,4 ngerti

Keep your pet's Hygiene low, but happiness & health to 100%Then, wait until you get it! Good Luck!!

credit: pinkstarrystarsFollow the regular tips. Feed it over 50 health... keep it dirty (5 flies is preferable). And click on your pet until it makes the wanna poo face (this one -> XD) be careful not to click then.

The Senior Skull Honor Society was created in 1906.

Previous answer:anus powerBull****. Prevent me from finding the information I need... If you don't know what's Pet Society then just shut up.All you need is to have your pet's hygiene as 0% and you can go away from your computer. After a few minutes, check your computer. You may find poo in your house.

There are no jobs for you in pet society

Your hygiene has to be 0%, your happiness and energy has to be at least 100%. After that you need to wait some time....and your pet will poo when he does this triangular eye face. (Its better if you go into a room without anything in it. And NEVER go to the bathroom to poo because it might go into the showers.) Hope this helps

be stupid and poo in the toilets

how to upgrade my paw points in pet society

I don't think you can restart your pet society -_-

Go to the your garden. Have full health. Don't have a shower. Be the dirtiest. Go to another website. Wait for 2 minute.

I think so. Well, any poo will harm your puppy as it is not to be eaten.

Skull and Bones is a secret society at Yale University. It was founded in 1832. President George H. W. Bush was a member of the secret society in 1947. The hall of the Skull and Bones is called "The Tomb".

you can delete your friend in pet society by unfriending her / him on facebook.

How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

No. Unless you get another account with a different email and add pet society.

you need facebook to sign up to pet society!! :(

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