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How do you get someone deported?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-01 21:53:39

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Illegal immigrants engaged in criminal or suspected illegal activity can be reported to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

2006-09-01 21:53:39
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Q: How do you get someone deported?
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How do you divorce someone who has been deported?

i got married to someone who was a imagrant and he got deported how can i get a divorce ?

How do you find out if someone has been deported from Canada?

how do I find out if some is deported from canada

If you married someone that was deported and then got married without divorcing the deported person is it legal?


How can you have someone deported who illegally reentered the US after already being deported once?

mind your own business and move on.

Can someone be deported for violent felonies?

Yes, it is possible to loose your US Visa status and be deported for a felony conviction.

After been deported for can someone apply for a waiver to reenter the u.s.?

Can a person be legalize after being deported after a traffic violation

Can someone under asylum status be deported?


How to deport your partner?

If your partner is in the United States illegally, then they can be deported. To start the process of having someone deported, you must contact immigration.

Can someone get deported while owing child support?


What happens when someone is deported to Albania from Canada?

Absolutely nothing.

Can someone who just got out of prison and got deported have a gun?


If someone gets deported from the US can they move to Puerto Rico?

No, they can not.

If someone was deported and served their deportation time but their US green card hasn't expired can they just come back?

No. If you come back after being deported, but the green card isn't expired yet, you will, again, be deported (which will not look good on your part being deported twice).

What happens to property when someone is deported?

the government takes back the property

Can someone who is deported travel to another country?

Not without proper documents.

Who do you call when someone who has been deported is coming back and is a threat to you?

your gat

What will happen to someone who is deported and then re enters the US illegally?

they get redeported

Would a US citizen be able to marry someone who has been deported and bring them back to the US?

Deported by lack of visa : yes Deported by illegal activities :i think is not unless you got a lot of money ( power) lol

If someone has been deported can they be legalized?

Any person who has been deported is still free to apply for entry into the country. Whether their application will be accepted depends upon their circumstances.

Can a co-sponsor of a resident alien pull sponsorship and have person deported?

A co-sponsor cannot pull sponsorship ans have someone deported. You will have to take it to court.

How can someone get deported?

If your reported to the police or ICE, if you commit crimes while in a country, etc.

Can someone go back to south Africa if he is already been deported from south Africa?


Is a marriage still legal after one has been deported?

how stupid were you to marry someone illegal?!

What crimes can you get deported for in the U.S?

felonies that one has been convicted for,but i heard that someone who is in immigration custody with an opoen ard [where the detainee has not seen the judge for a probation hearting ]can also be deported.

How do you spell deported?