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How do you get someone jealous?


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August 29, 2008 10:22PM

If you're trying to make a man jealous do the following. It always worked for me. Flirt with others when he's around, try to act as if he means nothing to you and just be relaxed and calm all the time. Also cheerful and flirty while speaking to others, that really makes boys jealous. Dress sexy and maybe tell a little lie that you got a man ;) so he gets more jealous and starts wanting you alot. Play hard to get, trust me, it works! To make a girl jealous e.g. someone you hate, do this. try to act perfect around her and her friends and as if they're nothing to you and you are the sexiest person on earth. Always act cheerful and flirty around people, try to get attention from them. Talk wisely all the time, girls like it when other girls talk stupid because they think they're better then them, so never fool yourself and never act stupid! Maybe dressing really sexy to make them jealous would be a good idea. She would start hating you but copy everything you.