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You can't get anyone to do something they don't want to. You can't change others, only yourself. What you can do is show your affection and respect. make your intentions known and disply all the qualities in yourself worthy of love. If it's the right match, the other person will develop similar feelings.

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Q: How do you get someone to fall back in love with you?
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Why do you fall in love with someone that wont love you back?

Because you want what you can't have.

Is it possible to fall in love with a man who will never love you?

Yes. You can love someone if they don't love you back

How can you make a person fall inlove with you?

you can't! someone has to fall in love with you by their selfs. it can hurt when someone doesn't love you back but that's the way life is!

How do you get somebody to fall in love with you?

you don't get someone to fall in love with you you let them fall in love with you.

Can you fall out of love and fall back in love?


Can you fall in love?

Of course you can fall in love...everyone in this whole world have to fall in love with someone

What is the borrowed love?

you can not borrow love as this is just an expression for when you are in love but for a short time but then it ends and usually someone else falls in love-then you fall back in love and they fall out of it-it is very complicated but easy to understand.

How do you get a x fling back and fall in love with you when he got married to someone else and had a baby with them?

you don't.

How will you make someone fall in love for you again?

Show them that you want them back by sending them a nice email

Is it possible to fall out o love with someone then fall back in love after 8 mnths apart?

yeah if u really miss that person and cant stop thinking about them

Is it possible to make someone you don't know fall in love with you?

Well if they dont know you they cant fall in love with you and you cant fall in love with someone you dont know.

Can you fall back in love with someone you divorced?

It can happen, but one would be best advised to be wary of such a situation.

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