How do you get someone to fall in love with you?

you don't.if they love for you then they love you
u cant make somone fall in love with u.... some things just arn't ment to be.... :(

be yourself and trip them ;) <3

Before you begin trying to get someone to fall in love with you, you should love yourself. You can't expect them to love you if you feel you are unlovable. You should be secure, sweet, and humble.

When you first begin talking to the person, start a friendship. Don't show any interest in a relationship at all; let it show slowly, so that the person believes that the two of you are falling in love together as the relationship naturally matures.

Now that you're set, look at them. There are two key things to keep in mind if you want to make someone fall in love with you: make them feel comfortable with you ("I feel like I could say anything to you") and make sure they enjoy spending time with you.

To achieve the first goal, make sure you understand the person. Listen to them talk. Figure out what they like. If they mention their family a lot, they're probably very family-oriented; notice traits like this and use them to your advantage. Don't feign interest in any topic they mention (if you abhor sports then why say you like them? Besides, you don't want to create a relationship that will end with the fa├žade), but try to pick out things that you might have in common, or things that you have an interest in and could perhaps further for the purpose of the relationship.

Also, notice their emotions when they talk to you. Note what stimuli makes them laugh or smile, and try to provide that for them. Knowing their emotions helps you create in them the one you want: love.

If they seem troubled, work towards getting them to open up to you. Make yourself seem like the answer to their problems or at least a shoulder to cry on. Use their sadness to build dependence of them on you.

One last tip to get someone to chase you: be around, but be unavailable. Let them see you around town doing others things/busy/unable to talk. Subconsciously they'll build the desire to catch you and spend time together.